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9 августа 2017 г. 06:29

The Rooney and the NBA Live Coins

Until January this year, Manchester United has been out of the salary of 300,000 pounds to retain the team after the important players, the Rooney and the NBA Live Coins "Red Devils" renewal of the news will become true. Sure enough, yesterday Manchester United club officially announced on its official website and Rooney contract for 4 years, until 2019 June 30, when the contract on the contract signed the "Red Devils" 10 will have been 34 years old.
And Rooney's weekly salary and rumors, from the previous 200,000 pounds suddenly rose 50%, reached a staggering £ 300,000. This is not only the Buy mt nba 2k18 Premier League's first high salary, has also surpassed C Lo 17 million euros a year before the world football player income record - Rooney's one-year salary converted into euros is 19 million. This season Rooney played for Manchester United 28 times, scored 11 goals.
The final choice to stay in Old Trafford, Rooney said: "In August this year, my career in Manchester United will be a full 10 years, I hope I can stay here here. , And now I have the opportunity to become a senior Manchester United player, I hope not only to be able to succeed, but also to help more young players progress, become a great part of the Manchester United club. "Manchester United coach Moyes finally put down "
Wayne (Wayne Rooney) has been England's best player, and I took him to Everton's first team in 2003. Since joining Manchester United last year, I have enjoyed and  Mmogo Rooney Fought the day, he is an important part of my future plans. "But Moyes himself in Manchester United's prospects have been marked with a question mark. The first year of the old Trafford,
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