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TORONTO - Christmas is often a busy, stressful time, especially for hockey players who have to balance family and professional obligations. Authentic Andrew Wiggins Jersey .But for James Reimer and David Booth of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Christmas brings perspective and an opportunity to reflect and appreciate on how fortunate they are to play professional hockey while observing their faith.Whether youre a carpenter, or a plumber, a hockey player or an airline pilot, your lifes going to get crazy no matter what, said Reimer, while still in his goalie pads after practice on Friday. Things are going to happen and stuff. When you have something like Christ to lean on, it just adds a peace that surpasses all understanding.Its such a gift to be able to have that perspective, especially when things are going rough.Although the NHLs collective bargaining agreement guarantees that players get Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, theres still a lot of travel over the holidays for hockey teams. The Maple Leafs, for example, played in Chicago on Sunday, played in Dallas on Tuesday night and will continue a seven-game road trip in Florida on Dec. 28.The American Hockey League has an even tighter holiday window, with a full slate of games scheduled for Dec. 26. Major junior hockey players have 10 days off, but the worlds top prospects will be busy when the world junior championship begins in Toronto and Montreal on Boxing Day.That travel schedule can be daunting for some, but Booth doesnt mind.I think theres always time to get in to the Bible, said the Maple Leafs left-winger. I think thats the biggest thing when youre on the road, is having your quiet time, being able to sit down, to read, to reflect, to pray. Those are things that you can do anywhere and I think thats one of the beautiful things about our job: the ability that we have to continue to worship while on the road.Laurie Boschman understands the challenges facing Christian hockey players. He was an NHLer for 14 years and has worked with Hockey Ministries International for 21 years, helping the faith-based Christian organization in its many camps and chapel programs.Based in Ottawa, Boschman leads players from the Senators in regular chapel programs and also helps co-ordinate chapel programs around the NHL.In his view, many players find themselves dissatisfied with their lives despite the money and prestige that comes with the NHL lifestyle. They may also be bothered by issues outside of the arena like relationship problems or the failing health of loved ones.For example, since were talking here before Christmas, we can talk about what the Bible says about the holiday, said Boschman in a phone interview with The Canadian Press. Is it about presents? Is it about something more than that? And if it is, does the Bible address that? Players are interested in that because I think sometimes theres a perspective that players have about faith and its not based in fact.Its based in I thought it was this, or I thought it was that. We get to point them to the Scriptures and say This is what the Bible teaches and this is what its about.Booth agrees with Boschman that chapel gives players a chance to realize that theyre more than just their profession.I think when you get away from defining yourself by a sport it opens up your ability to make an impact away from the rink or have a greater purpose in life, said Booth. I dont think were put on this Earth just to play a sport. I think this sport is giving me such a huge advantage to reach the community, a platform to share things that matter.Were given so much. People look at us, wow the coolest job and it is a cool job and a great salary that comes with it. But those things all fade. Those things never satisfy.Theres no lack of demand for HMIs chapel programs. The non-denominational ministry works with more than 270 teams in over 30 leagues to provide chapel and counselling services for hockey players, coaches and other support staff. HMI also has hockey camps for children in Canada, the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.Both Reimer and Booth point to regular chapel services as a resource that helps them bring balance to their lives on and off the ice.Obviously, being on the road and sometimes playing on Sundays or practising on Sundays, you dont get to go to church very often, said Reimer. Maybe once a month, if youre lucky. So to have that chapel — usually its once every two weeks, something you can go to with a couple of your teammates and the chaplain, just make sure youre staying focused and your eyes are on the right prize — its good to have that because it helps to keep you calm.Booth also feels that attending chapel and being a devout Christian helps him relate to his teammates, especially those who dont share his faith, because it fosters a sense of respect and tolerance in the locker-room.Love your teammates even though you guys share different beliefs, said Booth. You guys might have different lifestyles. You might not agree with everything they do but you always respect them, you love them, you get along with them, youre a good teammate. You do things with them. The biggest thing is not to judge. Theyre accepting of my beliefs and I accept their beliefs.I think thats where tolerance comes in and thats what makes humanity function: being able to tolerate other people with so many differences amongst us. Tyus Jones Jersey . -- Ben Martin made his way through most of the TPC Louisiana course with the type of sparse gallery one would expect for a player who had missed seven cuts in his previous nine starts on the PGA Tour. Tyus Jones Timberwolves Jersey . Lin averaged 27.3 points and 8.3 assists while leading the Knicks to a 4-0 record. The undrafted Harvard graduates 109 points are the most by an NBA player in his first four starts since the 1976-77 season, and he became the first player in NBA history to tally at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his first four starts. Canadas Denny Morrison has won silver in the mens 1,000-metre speed skating race. Morrison, of Fort St. John, B.C., finished just 4/100ths of a second behind the winner, Stefan Groothuis of the Netherlands, with a time of one minute, 08.43 seconds. The silver is Morrisons first individual Olympic medal, and Canadas first long track speed skating medal in Sochi. Morrison was not initially on the roster for the race, after falling during the Canadian Olympic team trials. Teammate Gilmore Junio announced yesterday that he was giving up his spot in the event to enable Morrison to compete, saying, "how Denny is skating now, I believe its in the best interest of the team if he races." Groothuis stopped the clock at 1:08.39. Michel Mulder of the Netherlands finished third, in 1:08.74, two days after winning the mens 500-metre gold meedal. Authentic Zach LaVine Jersey. "Its unbelievable," said Groothuis. "When I started, I didnt even know what the best time was and when I crossed the finish line, I was really surprised. It was the best time Ive ever skated on a low-altitude track." American Shani Davis hoped to win a third consecutive Olympic gold medal in the discipline, having won in Turin in 2006 and in Vancouver in 2010. But the defending Olympic champion dropped off in the second lap, finishing in eighth with a time of 1:09.12. The first Canadian to race, Vincent De Haître, set a time of 1:10.04 in his first Olympic event, finishing 20th. William Dutton, a 1000m specialist skating for Canada, had a strong start but dropped back on the second lap to finish in 1:10.61, 26th. Canadian Muncef Ouardi set a time of 1:1107, good enough for 32nd. Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Authentic China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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