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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. http://www.thenfl49ersfanatic.com/c-28-49ers-terrell-owens-jersey.aspx . -- Peyton Mannings appeal is already paying off. The Broncos lured two key free agents to Denver on Thursday, including cornerback Tracy Porter, who picked off one of Peyton Mannings passes in the New Orleans Saints win over the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl three years ago. Now, both will try to win a second Super Bowl together with the Broncos. Porter spent his first four seasons in New Orleans, collecting seven interceptions, 37 pass deflections, four forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. He also started six playoff games, and the highlight of his career is a 74-yard interception return for a TD in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl that denied Manning a second championship. Porter was a second-round draft pick of the Saints in 2008 after a standout career at Indiana. He will start opposite perennial Pro Bowler Champ Bailey in Denver. Free agent receiver Andre Caldwell also signed with the Broncos 48 hours after Mannings arrival. "He gets the best out of the receivers," said Caldwell, who spent the last four seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals. "Thats a big reason why I came." Before acquiring Manning, there were concerns that maybe receivers would be reticent to come to Denver and play with a run-oriented quarterback in Tim Tebow. Not so with Manning, the only four-time MVP in league history. Caldwell began talking with the Broncos just before news broke that Manning was coming on board. Once it happened "everything heated up," Caldwell said. "I was all on board after they signed Peyton." The Broncos are anticipating that Mannings magnetism will actually give them a crack at more of the top free agents on the open market. His aura certainly drew in Caldwell. "Hes a veteran quarterback who knows how to win games," Caldwell said. "He knows how to put players in positions to be their best." And if Tebow wouldve still been the starter? "Everybody knows with Tebow, they were more of a running-style team," Caldwell said. "They didnt spread the ball around as much. (Manning) was a major impact." Still, Caldwell was hoping to reunite with Tebow in some capacity in the Mile High City, especially after the tandem developed a connection during their days at the University of Florida. As Caldwell arrived in Denver, Tebow was shipping out and taking his act to Broadway. The New York Jets acquired the unorthodox quarterback from Denver for draft picks on Wednesday night. "Tebow is a good friend of mine," Caldwell said. "I wouldve loved to have been here with him. But I know how this game goes. "I cant be mad playing with Peyton Manning." Now, the work really begins. Caldwell realizes Manning is notorious for his work ethic and expects -- no, demands -- the same commitment out of his receivers. "Hes a workaholic. Hes likes to study film, likes to go out there and throw, likes to get better every day," Caldwell said. "Theres nothing easy about it. Hes going to work his tail off. Thats what Im ready for." Caldwell joins a strong nucleus of young wide receivers that also includes Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Matthew Willis. http://www.thenfl49ersfanatic.com/c-41-49ers-dwight-clark-jersey.aspx.ca. Hey Kerry, Big fan of your column on TSN. It helps put things perspective from the official’s point of view. I was watching the game Tuesday night between the New York Islanders and the Toronto Maple Leafs and I was hoping that you could shed some light as to why David Clarksons late goal was disallowed.http://www.thenfl49ersfanatic.com/c-20-49ers-garrett-celek-jersey.aspx . -- The Tampa Bay Lightning are having great success against the Western Conference.NEW YORK -- Several angry major league players wanted Alex Rodriguez kicked out of their union after he sued it last week, but staff lawyers told them expulsion was not allowed. The players spoke Jan. 13 during a Major League Baseball Players Association conference call after Rodriguez sued the union and Major League Baseball to overturn an arbitrators decision suspending him for the 2014 season and post-season. Details were first reported Tuesday by Yahoo Sports and later confirmed to The Associated Press by a person familiar with the call. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because no statements were authorized. The union and Rodriguez spokesman Ron Berkowitz declined comment. All players in the major leagues are members of the union and pay $65 daily in dues, or $11,895 if a player is in the big leagues for a full season. Baseballs labour contract specifies the union is "the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all major league players." The union will incur costs of defending the lawsuit by the New York Yankees third baseman, who claimed in the suit it "breached its duty of fair representation to Mr. Rodriguez." The union retained Michaael Rubin and Barbara J. http://www.thenfl49ersfanatic.com/c-45-49ers-tom-rathman-jersey.aspx. Chisholm of the San Francisco firm Altshuler Berzon to defend it, according to a court filing Tuesday. Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games by baseball Commissioner Bud Selig on Aug. 5, and the union filed a grievance contending the discipline was without "just cause." The penalty was reduced to 162 games plus the 2014 post-season by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz, who concluded Rodriguez violated baseballs drug agreement each year from 2010-12 and twice obstructed MLBs investigation in violation of the sports labour contract. Rodriguez agreed to a $275 million, 10-year contract with the Yankees after the 2007 season. Horowitzs decision cost Rodriguez $22.13 million of his $25 million salary this year; the three-time AL MVP is owed $61 million by the Yankees from 2015-17. NOTES: MLB and the union have agreed to follow their previous methodology for luxury tax payrolls in dealing with Rodriguezs suspension. He will count as $3,155,738 this year for the Yankees, which is 21-183rds of the $27.5 million average annual value he would have been listed at. Horowitz ruled Rodriguez loses 162 days pay over the 183-day season. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale JerseysWholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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