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6 июня 2016 г. 11:21

also competed at the Olympic level.

NEW YORK -- The NFL has hired 12 new officials for the 2014 season and promoted two veterans to referee. Wholesale NFL Jerseys . Ronald Torbert and Craig Wrolstad were promoted to referee, replacing the retired Scott Green and Ron Winter, the league announced Thursday. Wrolstad has spent the past 11 seasons as a field judge. Torbert has worked the past four seasons as a side judge. Among the dozen new officials is side judge Shawn Hochuli, the son of always-recognizable referee Ed Hochuli, and field judge Brad Freeman, the son of back judge Steve Freeman, a former player with Buffalo. Two women, line judge Sarah Thomas and head linesman Maia Chaka, will work minicamps and preseason games this year. They are in the officiating development program and officiated in Conference USA in 2013. "The NFL is about constantly striving to improve performance, and that is certainly the case for our game officials," said Dean Blandino, the leagues director of officiating. "Both Ron and Craig have proven to be outstanding NFL officials and they are ready to assume the increased responsibilities of the referee position. Our 12 first-year officials were all among the best in college football." The other 10 first-year officials are umpires Brad Allen and Bryan Neale; head linesman Patrick Turner; field judges Eugene Hall and John Jenkins; side judges Alex Kemp and Scott Novak; line judge Ed Walker; and back judges Rich Martinez and Steve Patrick. The most experienced officials are referees Walt Coleman, in his 26th season, and the senior Hochuli and Mike Carey, each in his 25th. In all, 119 officials will work in seven-man crews during the regular season. Steve Freeman and Philip McKinnely, who was with the Falcons, Rams and Bears, are former players now officiating games.Wholesale Jerseys . The other team had its playoff hopes on the line and was trying to save its season. Cheap Jerseys From China . The team announced on Thursday that it had agreed to the players request for a release.Mark Oldershaw was introduced to a paddle at a very young age. His earliest childhood memories are set in the back of his dads boat at the Burloak Canoe Club in Oakville; however his attachment to the sport of canoe/kayak runs much deeper. Many years before Oldershaw was born, his grandfather, Bert, paddled in pursuit of a medal at the London 1948 Olympic Games.  It isnt a coincidence that the younger Oldershaw will be paddling with the same aspirations in the very same city next summer. "I grew up with the tradition surrounding me. It was a great atmosphere to grow up in. The seed was planted in me when I was young," said Oldershaw, now one of Canadas top sprint canoeists. A memento of the Oldershaw Family legacy hangs on the wall in his room, the very same paddle that Bert used to compete the last time the Games were held in London. It is inscribed with a personal message, along with the signatures of fellow participants from those Games. At more than sixty years old, the paddle has greater significance today than ever before with the London 2012 Olympic Games quickly approaching. "Its definitely a motivator. Its just a really good feeling to see it and it brings my whole family together." Although Bert Oldershaw has since passed away, his love for the Olympic Games continues to live on through his grandson. "[My grandfather] was always super proud to be an Olympian and I do remember that London was very special for him. One of his best memories was going to London for the Games." The Oldershaws family connection to Olympic canoe/kayak extends even further.  Scott Oldershaw, Marks father and coach, as well as his two uncles, Dean and Reed, also competed at the Olympic level. This makes Mark the fifth member of his family to contend for a medal in canoe/kayak with the hopes of becoming the first Oldershaw ever to reach an Olympic podium.   "I want to win at the Olympics. Obvioussly Ill be happy to get my best result and perform well but I dont see the point in aiming any lower. Cheap Jersyes Store. ." Theres room for improvement since his last performance on the Olympic stage; Oldershaw failed to qualify for the final after placing fourth in the semifinal in the C-1 500 metres in Beijing 2008. All that may change as this past September, Oldershaw not only reached the podium, but topped it, capturing gold at the London Canoe Sprint Invitational in the mens C-1 1000 metres. This is the same course that hell compete on next year in London 2012. "Any time I go up against World Champions and Olympic Champions and beat them its a huge boost to my confidence. To know that Im comfortable on that course is a great feeling. Im super pumped to get back next year," said Oldershaw, still beaming about the win. "All this year and next year I can picture myself doing the exact same thing and thinking Yes, I can win here, I can beat these guys." Oldershaw did not have as much success at the 2011 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Szeged, Hungary in August with a fifth place finish, although his performance did guarantee Canada a spot in the C-1 1000 metres at London 2012 next summer. "Right after the race I was a little disappointed. Its always frustrating when you dont have your absolute best race. I didnt get the luck that day but thats how racing goes. Some days you get lucky and some days you dont." Oldershaw will spend the rest of the summer recuperating and resting his body after a busy racing season. "The last few weeks have been pretty hectic but at the same time thats what I live for! Racing at the Worlds, the Nationals and the Pre-Olympic Regatta; thats all I ever dreamed about as a kid." Oldershaw doesnt have to go far to find inspiration in the months leading up to the Games; with one glance up at the wall in his room, hell remember what hes paddling for. Cheap JerseysWholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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