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13 мая 2016 г. 09:58

from the NL East to the AL East and been able

TSNs Jack Armstrong offers his thoughts on the surprising Indian Pacers, a passive Chris Bosh, John Beilein as a head coach candidate, Scott Brooks big test and the breakout opportunity for Kawai Leonard. Shin-Soo Choo Rangers Jersey . 1. Indiana Pacers: Who were those guys on Sunday? Wow. Where you been? Complete and total all-around performance on both sides of the ball. Can they sustain this for three more wins? Not convinced yet but they surely gained confidence that if they play to the level of their potential like Sunday, they can go toe-to-toe with Miami. 2. Chris Bosh (Heat): Too often was passive on Sunday and didnt exert his will. Hes a tough cover on the perimeter for David West and Roy Hibbert. Must show up and play with more energy and efficency. When hes making his mid-range jumper along with a few 3s, the court gets spaced out and the Heat are tough to stop. Need him engaged defensively and on the boards as well. 3. John Beilein (University of Michigan): Ive said all along the best target for GMs looking for a head coach was Stan Van Gundy. The Pistons made a smart move getting him. Now I will follow up once again on what Ive said many times before. If you are a GM thats progressive and willing to think outside the box instead of hiring a retread former head coach or some name ex-player, go get this guy. Pound for pound as good a coach thats out there today. Some college coaches cant or wont make the NBA jump. I have NO doubt that hed be an outstanding coup for a pro team. Hes a brilliant tactician, developer of talent and as imaginative an offensive mind that youll find out there today. It will take an owner and GM that have a true sense of the sport but if I were in the shoes of one of the five current teams with an opening, I would be trying to convince him to join my team. Teams spend a fortune in salaries and trying to develop young players yet throw money away doing the same old, same old. I assure you that this guy has IT. Makes a lot and actually too much sense to me. 4. Scott Brooks (Thunder): With Serge Ibaka out for the series, the head coach of the Thunder needs to mix/match with his front court rotations and find a way to get Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in space to create tremendous scoring chances yet make sure the ball moves with a purpose and not be too ISO oriented. Balance and proper usage are critical here. Major test of his creativity. 5. Kawai Leonard (Spurs): Last years playoffs were a breakout forum for him and that has to continue here. Outstanding defender who will have his hands full at his position and has the shot-making ability on the perimeter to impact the series. He must be that consistent player with all aspects of his game. Need big-time effort out of a guy that can greatly impact the series.Cole Hamels Red Jersey . -- UFC president Dana White has dismissed Georges St-Pierres concerns about drug testing, calling them ridiculous and "a little kooky.Shin-Soo Choo Grey Jersey . Its the fourth meeting of the season between these teams with each game being decided by a single goal.TORONTO - R.A. Dickey learned many things in his first season with the Blue Jays, not the least of which is managing his own expectations, those of an organization which acquired him by trading promising youth and those of a fan base aware of that price and starved for a winner. "I won a Cy Young last year and I did not live up to what that year was last year," said Dickey. "So I have to do a good job, myself, of not putting so much pressure on myself. Its going to come. There was a big trade made, a lot of pieces were given up for me so theres an expectation that comes with that. I take that very seriously. I have to do a good job of making sure that I hold it in the right perspective as well." Dickey finishes 2013 with a 14-13 record, the second-highest win total of his career. His ERA of 4.21 is the highest since he became a full-time starting pitcher three years ago. Dickey pitched 224 2/3 innings, which will lead the club. He struck out 7.1 hitters per nine innings and walked 2.8 hitters per nine innings - averages that regressed from his Cy Young season with the Mets. "A snapshot of the season, for me, is a tad above average," said Dickey. "I ended up with but 14 wins and if thats a down year then Ill take a down year from time to time. I have a lot to improve upon and feel like Ive done a pretty good job of growing over the season as far as trying to identify what can make me better for next season. Ive got a lot of stuff written down. (Pitching coach) Pete (Walker) and I have got a list going and Im very optimistic about next year." Despite a comfortably seasonal night in Toronto, the roof was closed for Dickeys final start. The knuckleballer denied having direct involvement in the decision to have the game played indoors but its been clear, for a while, that both Dickey and the club are looking for ways to maximize the conditions for his special pitch. Make no mistake, its not an excuse, the knuckleball is affected by climate – specifically humidity – and wind. Dickeys Rogers Centre splits look like this: Roof closed – 5-2, 3.58 ERA, seven home runs allowed; Roof open – 3-4, 5.73 ERA, 17 home runs allowed. Bottom line, Dickey gives up more than two extra runs per start when the roof is rolled back. Each of Dickeys 10 starts at home between May 4 and August 11 was outdoors. "In truth, I need to be to pitch well no matter what the rooof is," said Dickey. Yu Darvish Youth Jersey. "It at least gives us a good sample size to be able to see, if we do have a day thats marginal, we can make a decision based on what the statistics show us." Dickey faced his share of adversity this season. He pitched through neck and upper back pain for most of the first three months of the season, an injury he described on Saturday as a torn rhomboid muscle. While he pitched through the discomfort, he was robbed of the ability to throw his high-velocity knuckleball. Complicating matters further, Dickey was tipping his fastball early in the season, which allowed hitters to sit on the pitch. After identifying the problem on video, he quickly corrected it. Dickey is pleased with the decrease in his walks total from about mid-June. He hasnt issued more than three free passes in a game since June 15. He blames the neck injury, in part, for an early season lack of control. "I remember having a conversation with you guys earlier in the year that it was a struggle to take speed off of it like I needed to to be able to pitch and throw strikes like Im used to throwing," he said. Dickey credits Josh Thole, who was recalled from Buffalo after Henry Blanco was designated for assignment in mid-June, with being a calming influence on him. Cynical and jaded Blue Jays fans, who view the season through a lens of frustration and disappointment, may not want to hear Dickey preach hope for 2014 so soon. The scars of this year havent healed yet. But Dickey is resolute in his confidence, both in himself and in the team, as he looks ahead to spring training in February. "Ive learned an awful lot having come from the NL East to the AL East and been able to identify the guys that I need to mix in my sequences a little better and work on that on the side," said Dickey. "Ive paid attention to who hits me well and who doesnt and what I need to do from a pitching standpoint to give myself the best chance to win. "Weve played a year together," Dickey said of the team. "Thats a big deal, guys. Like having all these pieces come into the fold at once that havent played together. Weve played together for a year now. Now we know what to expect out of each other. We know how to challenge each other. We know a little bit more about how to hold each other accountable. All of those things are very important on a team as you well know."Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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