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17 марта 2016 г. 12:42

Ive been 5-under on the 14th hole and shaking hands.

MIAMI - By agreeing to pay Giancarlo Stanton $325 million over the next 13 years, Jeffrey Loria gets to keep one of baseballs premier sluggers in the Miami Marlins lineup. Wholesale NHL Jerseys Online .Whether that deal comes with some goodwill remains to be seen.Widely vilified for many of his decisions and rarely if ever outwardly bothered by the disdain so many openly direct his way, the Marlins owner went from penny-pincher to historic spender with one stroke of the pen this week. Stantons contract is the largest in U.S. pro sport history, though in Miami the deal seems to have drawn both celebration and skepticism.This is for the city of Miami, Stanton said. This is for newfound confidence and trust.Trust is a word Stanton used repeatedly Wednesday, the day he and Loria signed the megadeal.Its long been in short supply in Miami when talking about the Marlins, and the art dealer who owns the club.Loria took the Expos out of Montreal before buying the Marlins, which is still a sore subject for baseball fans in Quebec. With the Marlins, he traded away Miguel Cabrera, squabbled with and then fired Joe Girardi in a season where he won manager of the year, plus was revealed to have been making big profits while the team made do with baseballs smallest payroll in 2008 and 2009.Then came the stadium deal, which is still a hot-button topic in Miami. Loria and the Marlins got city officials to back a plan where tax money would pay for the bulk of constructing Marlins Park but the team would reap virtually all revenue generated in the building, then went on a free-agent spending spree before the new stadium opened in 2012 — only to trade away most of those players quickly.I pushed the reset button, Loria said. It wasnt popular. And I didnt care.And those are just the highlights. Or lowlights.As Ive mentioned over the past two years, our goal was to start fresh with this team, Loria said. What we had to do a couple years ago was necessary. It wasnt popular but we had to do it.Loria, who turned 74 Thursday, has never tried to win popularity contests.As such, hes never appeared to let public outcry affect his choices. Hes defended them, repeatedly and staunchly, even when he took out newspaper ads before the 2013 season as an open letter to South Florida residents to humbly ask that we start fresh.When youre in a position of leadership, you cant think about anything other than doing what you think is right, Marlins President David Samson said. No decision is ever going to be liked by everyone except the wrong decision, and that will only be liked by everyone after the fact. So when youre a leader, by definition, you cant do it right. You just have to be expected to lead and make decisions. Were not going to be right all the time. Nobody in power is right all the time.With Loria, decisions are rarely boring.He owned the team when the Marlins won their second World Series title in 2003 and has insisted since that hes committed to getting back to that point, even though critics have long insisted maximizing profit is his lone concern.Weve had some bumps in the road, Stanton said. And thats baseball. It takes time and patience. Were in the right direction.Samson said the team expected to have about 30 people at a recent select-a-seat event for the coming season. After the basic parameters of the Stanton deal became known, 240 people showed up instead.For a team that has ranked near the very bottom of baseballs attendance list for more than a decade, maybe signing Stanton is a step toward that fresh start Loria has wanted.Winning translates into attendance, Samson said. Winning translates into TV ratings and that translates into revenue. He gives us the best chance to win over the next 13 years. Thats how you get more revenues, by winning. CHeap NHL Jerseys China . And well he should. The Serb outlasted Rafael Nadal to defend his Australian Open title in the longest ever Grand Slam final and become the fifth man to win three straight majors in the Open Era. Wholesale NHL Jerseys . -- Charlie Graham stopped 67 shots as the Belleville Bulls edged the visiting Guelph Storm 6-5 on Saturday in Ontario Hockey League action.MARANA, Ariz. -- Its easy to love the format at the Match Play Championship on Tuesday. Opinions can change quickly Wednesday on the way out the door. Thomas Bjorn flew halfway around the world to La Costa in 2005 just to play 13 holes. He took the next year off with a neck injury, then came all the way to Arizona in 2007 and again lasted only 13 holes. Tiger Woods won three times. And then there was the year he lost to Peter OMalley in the opening round, walking from the 17th green all the way to the clubhouse at La Costa with an army of reporters walking behind him, no one saying a word. There is no such thing as an upset in Match Play. That doesnt mean there arent 16 guys who are plenty upset when they lose in the first round. They call Ernie Els the "Big Easy." They might as well call him "Heisman" when he loses on Wednesday and sees a reporter approaching. The do-or-die nature of Match Play is what makes it so compelling to fans -- and so maddening to sponsors and fans. This tournament operates in reverse. Any other event, the drama builds toward the back nine on Sunday. Wednesday is one of the most exciting days in golf at Match Play. Thursday is not far behind. Friday is pretty good, too. On Sunday, there are only two possibilities -- one guy wins, one guy loses, and its like that for four hours. Now might be the best time for a change. Accenture is in the final year of a title sponsor. This most likely will be the final year at Dove Mountain. With the never-ending, globe-trotting nature of the golf schedule, theres not even a guarantee the Match Play Championship will be at the end of the West Coast Swing on the PGA Tour. As one top tour official said, the future of this World Golf Championship is wide open. The tour is talking to one potential title sponsor, and so much would depend on that. Its not as simple as finding a great golf course to host 64 of the worlds best players. The modern era of professional golf is about entertainment, and that includes a company that pays some $10 million a year to entertain clients. There was chatter about Harding Park, but it was nothing more than that, especially after one potential sponsor was not interested. Colombia is at least in the conversation -- the country in South America, not the golf club that hosted the 1921 U.S. Open outside the nations capital. Of more interest is the format. Woods gets all the attention, and rightly so, as the player everyone hates to see leave on Wednesday. That has happened three times (though he didnt leave until Thursday last year because the first round was postponed by snow). And it doesnt help whenn he has company -- three of the top four seeds lost in the first round last year. Cheap NHL Jerseys. The European Tour has a blueprint for its World Match Play Championship -- four groups of four players, each playing 18-hole matches, and then players advancing out of those groups. But thats only 16 players. This WGC has 64 players. But if the tournament can move to a 36-hole complex, then there are more options. Its not about the course in match play. Youre only trying to beat your opponent. "You can have lots of fun with it," two-time winner Geoff Ogilvy said. "The format can be better, dont you think? Some guys are there for three hours and you go home. You can see why some guys dont want to go. Ive been 5-under on the 14th hole and shaking hands. Youre driving home saying, How fair is that? I beat 30 of these guys and Im going home." Rory McIlroy and Ernie Els raised the idea of 36 holes of stroke-play qualifying, with the top 32 players advancing to match play. Thats how the U.S. Amateur works (it uses two courses). That would keep players around for at least three days, and eliminate some of the luck factor. "I see nothing wrong with that," McIlroy said. Lee Westwood is among those -- and its a longer list than some might realize -- who like it the way it is. His one beef is the consolation match for third- and fourth-place. The difference is $120,000, along with world ranking points (both important in a Ryder Cup year). But as Westwood points out, the points and money is easily split. No one cares about the consolation match. It just gives TV something to show between shots of the championship match. One year, the consolation match was moving so slowly that it actually held up the main event. Woods has lost in every round except the semifinals. Imagine him on the golf course Sunday playing for the third place. Who are the fans following? Who is TV showing? We wont find out this year. Woods isnt around, and Dove Mountain plays no small part. Woods only saw the weekend one time in Arizona, and that was the year he won. He wont have to worry about that next year as the Match Play is sure to move -- at least off the mountain. As far as changing the format? That would be assuming its actually broken. "If you get defeated, you should be packing your bags and going home," Poulter said. "Thats how Ive always known match play, rather than a round-robin affair where you get a couple of bites of the cherry. The loser should go home. I think its perfect. I think its a great format." He plays the opening match Wednesday against Rickie Fowler. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap JerseysCheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '

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