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27 января  2016 г. 12:03

31 rosters and disabled listss

As I sit here in Milwaukee waiting for the Raptors last game of the first half of the season to be played tonight, I give you five quick thoughts on areas that the team needs to improve on in the second half. nike air max 2015 cheap price . After a wonderful start, its been a rough recent stretch that has exposed some concerns. Nonetheless, overall its been a positive run. In order to reach their potential, here is a little food for thought. 1. DEFENSE: Its been difficult to watch of late and I must say how surprised Ive been with the deterioration from where it was early in the season. This team with much greater effort and attention to detail can be a solid club. Right now, not even close. A quick observation - Dwane Casey had great success in Dallas teaching the zone. This team struggles to guard dribble penetration and protect the paint. Why not a little zone to hide some weak perimeter defenders and change the look on certain possessions? Just a thought. This team concerns me. When their offense goes south, the D has to be able to find ways to win ugly. They havent been able to. Thats what playoff basketball is. 2. TERRENCE ROSS AND AMIR JOHNSON: Are these guys starters at this stage of their respective careers? If yes, then we need much better play. They have been inconsistent and it holds back their unit on occasion. Need greater focus and consistent effort and productivity. Cant be as patient as youd like. 3 OFFENSIVE EXECUTION: Deterioration on this end as well. We saw this during the playoffs against the Nets. When you really guard them and body them with physical force, they wilt under the pressure. This is a good offensive club thats become too nonchalant and individual of late. Player and ball movement is a must and the screening and usage can improve. You do that and the turnovers will decrease. 4. HABITS: This is my biggest issue right now. Somewhere along the path from Oct 1 to now this group has taken some shortcuts and its showing now. Seems like this club only plays at optimal level when it feels challenged. The Backs to the Wall mentality they display is terrific, I just dont see it as their daily makeup yet. I look at the best teams and they sustain sound habits and demand the optimum from themselves for long periods. This group can do it. Commitment time. 5. ATLANTIC DIVISION: Congrats! 9.5 games up with 42 to play. Unless you totally screw it up and/or experience multiple injuries, youre going to win back-to-back Division titles. Cool! Heres the question; Are you going to be satisfied with that or is the focus now going to be on being an elite Eastern Conference team? Success has a way of messing with your focus. Do you really want to play a brutal opponent at the fifth seed (Im saying it will be Cleveland - good luck winning that series) even though you have home court as a fourth seed? In the Atlantic, you have three teams in a rebuild mode (Im being kind) and the Nets up for sale and trying to figure out what to do. Great spot to be in to get a top-four seed. Some of its you being good and some of the rest is the other four teams being so lousy. Dont fool yourself. To make next step as a franchise, theyve got to grow to the point that they can compete and win a first round series. How does that happen? Not being satisfied and pushing on to a new and greater challenge. Player internal leadership, professionalism and maturity are a must. This team has good guys. They can do it. Now time to do so. nike air max 90 essential uk .  TSNs Second Round coverage features two highly-anticipated Western Conference series, as the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks take on the Minnesota Wild, and the Los Angeles Kings square off against the Anaheim Ducks in another clash of California-based teams. adidas zx flux sale uk . Minor-league right-hander Jose De La Torre was sent to Boston, which had acquired Lillibridge on June 24 as part of the trade that sent corner infielder Kevin Youkilis to the Chicago White Sox.NEW YORK -- While the New York Yankees set another salary record, the Houston Astros had the lowest average in the major leagues in 14 years and the attention of the players union. The overall big league average rose 5.4 per cent this season to a record $3.39 million, according to the annual report released Wednesday by the Major League Baseball Players Association. The increase was the steepest since 2006. The Yankees had the highest average for the 15th consecutive season at $8.17 million, breaking the mark of $7.66 million when they won the World Series in 2009. The Los Angeles Dodgers were second at $7.82 million. Houstons average of $549,603 was the smallest since the 1999 Kansas City Royals at $534,460. The Miami Marlins were 29th at $830,069, down from $3.77 million in 2012, when they ranked 10th. Baseballs collective bargaining agreement requires a team to use revenue-sharing money it receives "in an effort to improve its performance on the field." The Marlins had been required to raise player payroll annually from 2010-12 under an agreement between MLB and the union. However, the issue is being dealt with under a provision in the collective bargaining agreement that gradually eliminates the 15 teams in the largest markets from receiving revenue sharing, and the Astros are 15th. Under that provision, those clubs forfeited 25 per cent of the money this year, half in 2014, 75 per cent the following year and all in 2016. "We are watching both clubs closely, but were already aware what their 2013 spending would be and that there wasnt enough there to move beyond acknowledging as much," new union head Tony Clark said in an email to The Associated Press. nike roshe run flyknit uk. "With Houston a big factor is their impending market disqualification. For Miami, they actually have a long-range plan that suggests they will make the considerations necessary to be compliant. "That said, both clubs are being monitored, and MLB recognizes that there is a potential for a dispute if the clubs do not move in the right direction." World Series champion Boston was fourth at $5.46 million, just behind Detroit at $5.53 million. St. Louis, which won the NL pennant, was 10th at $3.75 million. Tampa Bay had the lowest ranking among the 10 playoff teams and was 24th at $2.13 million. Among regulars at positions, designated hitters took over from first basemen for the highest average at $10.5 million. First basemen were next at $6.5 million, followed by starting pitchers at $6.3 million, second basemen at $5.8 million, outfielders at $5.6 million, third basemen at $5.2 million, shortstops at $4.5 million, catchers at $4.4 million and relief pitchers at $2.2 million, Figures are based on Aug. 31 rosters and disabled lists, with 940 players averaging $3,386,212. Major League Baseball, which uses slightly different methods, calculated its average at $3,320,089, an increase of 6.9 per cent. cheap jerseys cheap jerseys cheap nfl jerseys Ray Ban Outlet Michael Kors Outlet Michael Kors Sale Cheap Michael Kors ' ' '

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