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17 января  2020 г. 12:04

Inverter Technology of Washer Motor

The technique of realizing AC power control by changing the frequency of the AC point is called the frequency conversion technology.

The "frequency conversion" technology utilizes the advanced frequency conversion technology, and the washing machine can adjust the voltage to adjust the speed of the motor washing and dehydration. The inverter washing machine can save energy by comparing the washing water flow, washing time, dewatering speed and dehydration time according to the type and texture of the clothes.

Inverter washing machines rarely cause water flow impact in general washing machines, which reduces clothing entanglement and wear. The artificial intelligence mode control, how much water, and how long the washing time can be adjusted by the frequency conversion technology, therefore, in terms of water saving and power saving, the efficiency of the frequency conversion washing machine is currently the highest.

In addition, the inverter washing machine embryo includes five aspects of health washing and mute.

Now many famous washing machine motors adopt inverter technology, such as DD motors, BLDC motors, and S-D Plus from Haier and US GE, Toshiba's S-DD and series-excited motors.

DD washer motor, that is, direct driver, the main change of DD direct drive is from the previous operation mode with belt as the medium, which becomes the direct drive of the motor, which has the advantages of improving performance, reducing vibration and reducing noise, and removing the belt, etc. Parts can also reduce a certain amount of space, which is considered to be a more advanced connection mode.

BLDC washer motor, Brushless Direct Current brushless DC motor. Brushless DC motors do not require mechanical brushes and are controlled by Hall ICs, which are more advanced than brushes, but are not true DC motors. Still use the belt to run. At present, there are many brands using BLDC motors, and almost all brands such as Panasonic and Bosch are useful.

The S-D Plus Washer Motor also cancels the mechanical brush and reduces the electromagnetic radiation. It is not much different from BLDC. It is a motor developed by Haier and US GE. Currently, only Haier reuses it.


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