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you own a home and have a pristine credit histo

Health Insurance Rules

Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th Cheap Bo Horvat Hat , 2010


Many dual income couples, include their children on each group health insurance plan to maximize benfits. However, without some sort of system in place to help the health insurance companies coordinate benefits, it's possible that either you or your doctor would be reimbursed for more than 100 percent of the actual cost of your claim.


To prevent this, health insurance companies typically designate one parent's health insurance plan as the primary plan and the other as the secondary plan. (That's why the patient questionnaire at your doctor's office asks for information on primary and secondary coverage.) The primary plan is responsible for paying covered expenses up to the limits of the policy. If any unpaid costs are left over Cheap Henrik Sedin Hat , the secondary coverage kicks in.




The birthday rule is often used to determine which plan is primary and which is secondary. Under this rule, the plan of the parent whose birthday occurs first in the calendar year is designated as primary. The date of birth is the determining factor not the year so it doesn't matter which spouse is older.


Like most rules, the birthday rule has exceptions:


- If both parents share the same birthday, the parent who has been covered by his or her plan longest provides the primary coverage for the children.


- If one spouse is currently employed and has health insurance through a current employer, and the other spouse has coverage through a former employer Cheap Daniel Sedin Hat , the plan belonging to the curently employed spouse would be primary.


- In the event of divorce or seperation, the plan of the parent with custody generally provides primary coverage. If the custodial parent remarries, the new new spouse's coverage becomes secondary. And finally, the non custodial parent's health insurance plan would provide a third layer of insurance protection. This order of payment can be altered by a court issued divorce decree or by agreement, but the health insurance companies must be notified.




Keep in mind that these practices are common among health insurance companies Cheap Brock Boeser Hat , but they are not governed by law. Practices may vary from one insurer to another. Read your policy carefully to make sure you understand how your insurance company handles dual coverage. If the policy coverage is unclear, ask for help from your employers benefit specialist or your insurer's customer service department.

Finance Manager Advisory for any Assistance

Posted by davidjohnellery on August 23rd, 2016


If you are looking for a Finance manager who is trustworthy, approachable and has a lot of knowledge, then it’s time to visit johnellery.org. With more than 25 years of financial experience Cheap Sam Gagner Hoodie , John Ellery has learnt to deliver organizations Financial Results and have grown to be a Finance manager. Being genuine is the most acceptable character which many organizations and shareholders are valuing about him even till date. Experience of being an International CFO is over 16 years and he has worked as a Financial Controller Finance Manager in Papua New Guinea also known as PNG.

He has an established work experience record in various industries like distribution, manufacturing, building, construction, agro-industrial Cheap Markus Granlund Hoodie , telecommunications, shipping, logistics, and even utility industry. He has gained the ability to inspire people with talks and skills. The knowledge and experience gained by working with lot of senior management has helped him establish and sustain partnerships. Being commercially smart with the drive to deliver concrete and quantifiable results is the key to success. Along with relationship building skill set, he has proved to be a person who can negotiate Cheap Sven Baertschi Hoodie , prioritize and work with internal and external clients.

Experience at PNG is the most recognized and is an extensive part of his life. He has been into pure Finance Management role at PNG for 16 years plus. The learning curve is steep and informative. By just talking to him for an hour, we can understand the depth of knowledge this individual has about financial markets. He has got a strong working knowledge in taxation and is smart at building his networking skills and is well versed in strategy development and implementation for corporate. Apart from these, he has knowledge in soft-skills like software installations, managing relationship with various software vendors; and reporting software. There is no doubt in saying; he is a people’s person. This humble and approachable person loves to live and work in PNG.

He has helped organizations to estimate their capital requirements, to determine their capital structure Cheap Alex Burmistrov Hoodie , helps in finding right choice of sourcing, procurement and apt utilization of funds, helps in managing any profits or surplus, he is good at cash management and financial control. His profit planning and understating about capital market is mind blowing. Without a close walk with the financial market, it is impossible to gain this amount of depth of knowledge. The size of the organization doesn’t matter to him Cheap Thomas Vanek Hoodie , whether it is a small or a well-established firm, he will render his service with utmost sincerity.

Apart from being a Finance manager, he has published few articles which can be viewed at johnellery.org. The famous ones are “How to Maximize the Performance of a Multi-Cultural Team”, “PNG to pipe water to Australia under an ambitious new plan approved by the O’Neill Government” and “10 Steps To Greatest Career”. He has invested a good amount of his time to support others in their career growth, the skills and knowledge gained from him is always appreciated. He can be contacted directly through his website.


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