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15 февраля 2020 г. 00:10

How to Enable the Mobility Center on Windows 10 PC

The mobility center of windows is accessible on Windows 10 laptops but not on PCs. Users may need the mobility center of Windows on the desktop as well. If the users have the mobility center of windows enable on the desktop PC, they can access the settings of the presentation effortlessly. It is the in-built section that contains different options that are important too. It is important to create the System Restore Point and back up the Registry. If you want this for your PC, then you are on the right post. Go through the blog and follow the instructions to enable the mobility center on windows 10 PC.


Enable the Mobility Center on Windows 10 PC


If the user wants to enable it on Windows 10, then you can follow the given options:


Launch Registry Editor

Make the MobilityCenter keys and AdaptableSettings

Make RunOnDesktop values and SkipBatteryCheck

Set the values ​​to 1

Launch registry editor


If you want to launch Registry Editor, then abide by the given instructions:


Click on Win + R.

Input regedit.

Tap Enter option.

After launching registry editor to the PC, go to the given path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ MobilePC \


Make the two keys in the Mobile PC folder.

Right-click on it, Choose new then Key give names to it:



If any of them is present in the MobilePC folder; then, users don't have to make them again.

After creating the keys, choose AdaptableSettings, right-click on space to the right side.

Click on New.

Then tap DWORD value.

Name it as the SkipBatteryCheck.

Double click on it after creating and change the value to 1.

Then press Save.

Launch the MobileCenter, right-click on space to the right side.

Choose New.

Click on DWORD Value.

Users have to give name as RunOnDesktop then change the value to 1.

Launch Mobile Center of Windows on Windows 10 PC


In case you need to launch a mobile center of windows on Windows 10 PC, then you need to follow the offered steps:


When users have completed the entire steps, then they can launch the file explorer and type the following:% LocalAppdata% \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WinX \ Group3

Here users can locate the executable folder of Mobile Center. They can tap twice on a folder to launch section, then create a shortcut of it.

Deam Jones is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber ​​security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.


Source: How to Enable the Mobility Center on Windows 10 PC

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