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29 сентября 2020 г. 10:10

who use Uber and Lyft as their primary sources

Lyft Gift Cards for Sale The pilot Lyft Rentals launched in California late last year Lee said but this summer the company expanded to other cities across the country landing in Denver earlier in September. Customers can rent vehicles through the existing Lyft app which connects users to partnering car rental company Sixt.

Stakeholders are divided over how high the wage floor should be. The debate hinges on whether to prioritize full-time drivers who use Uber and Lyft as their primary sources of income or casual drivers who earn extra cash on the apps. But more broadly the battle reflects the challenge of applying a one-size-fits-all wage standard to an increasingly dynamic and complex labor market.

“Should Uber and Lyft bow out of California or Los Angeles in particular we’ll have something that can fill the vacuum as much as possible with an easier Where to buy Lyft Gift Cards seamless transition for the actual customer,” said Jarvis Murray for-hire transportation administrator for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. “Even if Prop. 22 passes the goal is to streamline taxis and make them a more viable alternative for the average customer.”

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