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13 января  2020 г. 10:34

e very happy. Actually,

On Sunday, my child and I went out to visit a friend. In the neighborhood, I saw a middle-aged woman who cleaned the garbage and pulled a garbage truck. Next to it was a little girl with a rope on her shoulder and the other end tied to the garbage truck. Holding a stationery box picked up from the rubbish dump, and pulling the cart while watching it, it seems that the mother and the little girl are very happy. Actually, this is not the same time. In winter and summer, I often see little girls like this. Tie a rope to the car and pull it hard. My child who goes to school in the field said, "The child is very poor." I said, look at the stalls in our community who are doing business. The one who is not doing hard work, is that poor? We are pathetic ourselves. The fried dough sticks are very dark Cigarettes For Sale, and they are still nervously putting in and copying out the oil pan. Even in winter, every day, the day is still not bright. They both came out and worked on the simple and not easy. Work; so is the aunt who sells vegetables, and so is the fruit stand. There is no winter, summer, autumn, and spring. The cold hands and feet are frozen, and they have to stay there. The hot summer sun steams people in the stove. Again, that would have to stay there. Do children know that it is not easy to live in the world, but it does not lose dignity. Let ��s not say that the little girl is poor, we should pay tribute to her. The cleanliness of the community is because of the work of a cleaner like his mother, who lives side by side with her mother, helps her mother reduce her physical expenditure during the holidays, and for the residents Bringing Qingxin, the occasional harvest is so satisfying. Although her labor is very simple, she is working. She is earning clean money with her own hands, and she is doing her best through her labor. The modest effort is just a different type of job in society Newport Cigarettes. But we can't help but talk about the misfortune of the little girl, because she is still young, and puts the hardships of life on her shoulders in her teens. Maybe she also knows that when she sees other children eating, wearing, using When it ��s really different from their own, the young mind will definitely feel something, but the little girl, who did not abandon her mother, did not complain about her family, went to the garbage truck with the mother on the weekend, and picked up the garbage. A child's discarded old stationery box was very happy. At this moment, he felt that he was the happiest person in the society. I do n��t know if she will remember her childhood happiness when she grows up. Maybe she remembers that she used the things she picked up in the garbage dump as her biggest joy at that time Carton Of Cigarettes, her rare childhood joy. . Many people are now paying attention to these vulnerable groups, but some people are turning a blind eye, and some people are paying attention to another focus. A scholar named Liu Zhirong compared the wage systems of 183 countries and regions and said this sentence: "I noticed that some officials went abroad to inspect and came back only to talk about how high the salaries of foreign civil servants and how well they are welfare. The good thing is that without saying that the local people ��s salary is forty times that of China, and the welfare of the people is much more than that of the civil servants. : Public money travel. Seeing the world is like watching a mirage, and the little girl who ca n��t pull the garbage truck is also happy on the weekend, although she did n��t leave the laughter in that melodious music tuition class and did n��t leave her longing in that color In the colorful studio, however, she was also very fulfilling, because the children of the poor carried the ropes of the boat of fate prematurely. Looking at the little girl's happy expression, we only have reverence, only sympathy.
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