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13 января  2020 г. 11:34

mask, a scarf, and a hat in my

Today is my first snowfall in the Northeast, and it flutters with the north wind. The street lights shone brightly on the snowflakes. I was born in the south. For the first time, I saw snow splashing from the air like salt grains. The snow in the south always fluttered like feathers melted shortly after touching the ground Marlboro Cigarettes. People who saw the snow also felt different. Hilarious. The snow here gave me the excitement of starting an extreme cold expedition. After returning to the south in a few years, it should be hard to see this scenery. So, slow down and watch carefully, thinking, in the heavy snow, People should fight, play and have fun, unlike the surprise in the south, it is bound to be a joy that has been long lost. Snow, so white and white, good things detest people's invasion of this world Online Cigarettes, all the thoughts have turned into a cold and let out, purifying everything here, including me from afar, I want that little bit of noise Buried with snowflakes. In the morning, I washed my head and put on thick gloves. The wind blew my nose sorely. I quickly wrapped myself with a mask, a scarf, and a hat in my bag. I was armed so I felt a little safe. I went to the vegetable market with my friends to buy a pile of lettuce, two yuan of pie, and four yuan of chicken nuggets, playing the cold war, blowing white mist, listening to the northwest and southwest wind, and groping with both hands Marlboro Gold. Umbrella, relentlessly resists cute snowflakes. The high-heeled boots slammed on the ground, as if to warn me, "After a while, dare to wear me as water boots, I have to let you upside down." I was too lazy to care about her, I looked at the street lamp cheerfully: " It ��s still the most handsome of you, glowing yourself, even if it ��s warm in the snow, but most of the snowflakes hate you for being so transparent. ��Back to the dormitory, charge the phone bill, and scared the aunt, so early She was so dressed, with only two eyes staring at her, paying money, making a note, turning around and leaving, leaving a surprised expression. Mostly when she was talking, her nostrils were not clear, she should be very confused until See the amount before deciding to pay for the call. Having fun, when I went downstairs, I planned to report to Auntie Guan a few rooms, because the aunt always thought that I had come to the alien. I did n��t look like this one. I asked many times and wanted to report the performance. Unexpectedly, the aunt was so frozen that she was next to the heating in the house. She was not willing to glance at me, so disappointed. I returned to the bedroom with my companion, took off my coat, and felt that the temperature difference was not a little. There was a temperature outside the house in the winter in the south, and such a warm room was hardly seen. My ears, which have been ignored by me, started to protest. He started to be hot because of the cold, and his friend laughed and said that he would help me cover and cool down, quit, because I was afraid that it would freeze, and I thought that it was my mother who missed me. Right. Last night, a friend passed in the photo I took last week and said yes, I took a vague picture of her and was very tangled and wanted to delete me. I chuckled and laughed, two Sichuan fellow friends are also studying here. I am accustomed to taking pictures of others, and I am not good at technology, but I always try to prove the scenery in my eyes. Autumn has just passed. In just two weeks, the school woods are so charming. He only joked about the poetic autumn wind and red leaves. As playful words, how do I want to put down the camera and let others record? So I turned everything into a picture of myself, recorded their pictures, played together, and reminisced Sichuan's Mala Tang, such a helpless miss. Take out the vegetables you bought with your roommates, wash them clean, take out the hot sauce, apply them obediently, chew them with a big mouthful, and fragrantly frost your frozen red lips. Then I opened the webpage and saw the webpage of Mr. Xiao Cao, all of which are beautiful and delicious meals. It ��s really the biggest torment. The snow started to get bigger and bigger. When the window was closed tightly, he called his brother and said that he often went home to accompany his parents on vacation, and his heart was warm. Looking at the flying elves, like many films memorized yesterday, each piece reflects the distant thoughts, warm and warm. Friends say "the bigger the more lonely"-I want to tell her that we are each a piece of snowflakes. When we grow up, no matter how disturbed, even the trembling will float to our own sky and dress up for our winter Even if there is only a quarter of makeup, the fairy tale in my heart will not be far away from us, even the cold and fragile little snowflakes, with Cinderella as the strength of the princess, fluttering hard in their own direction. It will be beautiful all winter.
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