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18 декабря 2020 г. 13:20


Paraffin-based – derived from special crudes that contain a substantial amount of n-paraffin. This type of insulating oil is less oxidized than naphtha based. Naphtha-based – derived from special crudes that contain a low amount of n-paraffin. During the usage of insulating oil, it may be exposed to materials that can affect its quality. It fails to function due to factors such as excessive-high temperature, oxidation and many more. Consequently, the oil darkens in colour and the acid in it begins to increase. Oil impurities are one of the major causes of transformers' deterioration. To avoid transformer failure, your insulating oil should be free from any contamination, dirt and moisture. Thus, a transformer oil filtration process is needed. In this procedure, insulating oil is tested and treated so that transformers will function efficiently. Dealing with transformer oil purification To treat and purify insulating oil, a transformer oil purification process is required. Insulating oil filtration is a process of removing sludge and moisture from the transformer oil.

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