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18 декабря 2020 г. 13:18


The transformer oil filter machine is designed for continuous operation in all weather conditions. Maximum Components of the machine are in M.S. material. The transformer oil filtration machine offered is complete with all components necessary for its effective & trouble-free operation. The transformer oil filtration system is fully tested under the supervision of Qualified Engineers as per the specification; customers received the Transformer Oil Filtration System in fully workable conditions. All components have adequate strength & rigidity to withstand normal conditions of transport handling and usage and are free from sharp edges or corners to avoid injury to operating personnel in the normal condition of use. The design of the machine allows easy replacement of defective components. Maintains dissolved gases & acidity level. Results can be achieved in 1 to 2 passes. Achieves BDV upto 70 KV, PPM upto 5 and NAS level upto 4. Optional inbuilt Transformer Evacuation System can be also provided. Reduce machine maintenance cost. Improve Oil Quality. Extend oil life. Offers continuous filtration/separation of Transformer Oil at constant efficiency. Reduces oil cost on a/c of consumption, inventory etc. Machine is designed with low heat input & high vacuum throughput technology to prevent degradation of transformer oil. Simple pipeline and appropriate valve positioning assures ease of operation. The machine is also equipped with Solid Removal filters, will separate the solid particles up to sub micron level. The machine is suitable for distinct transformer Oils application. The machine is suitable for outdoor operations under all weather conditions. The machine is equipped with interlocks/safety controls.

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