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23 июля 2019 г. 11:21, Китай Смотреть на карте

Features of this PCD tool grinder for Demina tools

PCD tool grinder for Demina tools is specially designed for grinding and sharpening punching tools and dies used in CNC turret punch press. Max. the diameter of cylindrical Amada punching tools by this automatic sharpening machine is 150mm. Rotating worktable of this automatic sharpening machine is inclinable to be a 0-15 degree which is suitable for sharpening Amada rooftop tools. New improved automatic tool setting function makes the tool grinding much simpler. Similar to the Japanese tool clamping method. The dual-way water cooling system and high grade grinding wheel prevent tools from burning and so raise the life of Amada tools. PCD tool grinder both punches and dies used in CNC turret punch press can be sharpened by this automatic sharpening machine for Amada tools. Features of this PCD tool grinder for Demina tools comparing to traditional surface sharpening machine: -- Convenient and fast fixing cylindrical tools -- Small occupying areas: can be closed to a turret punch press. If you don't have spare tools, this is very important; -- Super high grinding precision: the axis of the grinding wheel is designed to be in the same level as that of the working surface. -- Simple and convenient operation: grinding measure can be preset and automatically PLC controlled. -- Special boron carbide grinding wheel: long life and more smooth & clean grinding results (same to Japanese one). Main Features of new updated style PCD tool grinder for Demina tools: -- Automatic tool setting -- Fully welded frame -- Double linear guides -- Fine milled working surface --Precious screw rod -- Inner cooling system -- Mitsubishi PLC control -- Servo motor drive -- Stainless steel cover -- Touch screen operation -- Rough grinding precision: 0.005mm; fine grinding precision 0.001mm.

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