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18 июля 2019 г. 10:47, Китай Смотреть на карте

Easy operation with a touch panel of APE-40 drill grinding machine

APE-40 drill grinding machine is specially designed for sharpening various diameters, shapes, angles of carving knives, round knives, straight shank cutter, end mill, drill, lathe tool, engraving cutter and so on; it is with good precision,competive price, on skill request. Focus on precision and detail of APE-40 drill grinding machine The equipment adopts one type of pig iron casting process to ensure that the center of gravity is stable and not tremble. Fully automatic tool grinding machine Epsilon can easily polish the blade shape of the main tool maker to anyone. Corresponds to the polishing of 2-blade drill, reamer, tap, 3-blade drill. It is also possible for the user to create an NC program and control it on its own. APE-40 drill grinding machine use with corresponds to drill, reamer, end mill. With its own program, it is possible to polish the major blade shape of each major tool maker. It can also correspond to the polishing of reamers, end mills, and taps. Compact of APE-40 drill grinding machine The main body size is 1000 W X 850 D X 1650 H and it is compact even in the fully automatic grinding machine, so it is not troubled for installation and location. Still, it realized high rigidity, high accuracy, and low vibration. Easy operation with a touch panel of APE-40 drill grinding machine Easy operation is also a touch panel type, anyone can polish easily. Once processed data can be stocked and can be called at any time.

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