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16 июля 2019 г. 11:07, Китай Смотреть на карте

Can customize of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine

BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine spring end grinding machine is mainly used for grinding the double surfaces of the compression springs(including cylindrical springs, conical springs, and double conical springs). The BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine use 2 upright grinding wheels, the springs are set on the feeding plate. Feeding speed of the upper grinding wheel is adjustable, in continuous and stepping feeding, allows the spring to reach a preset height, obtain a maxi grinding capacity according to the pressure used. This machine has the function of self-compensation, self-reset, alarm. Using man-machine interaction, we can make programming via the screen which makes it easy to use and increase productivity. BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine vertical shaft rotary table grinders grind the workpiece with the end-face of the emery wheel. It is an efficient, precision and stable machine tool. This series of machine tool improved greatly in the rigidity of the bed and grinder head. Using three-point adjustment .need to choose proper fine grit grinding wheel when treat work-pieces that need highly polished and precision.specially for metallurgical industry, saw the web, automobile, tools and bearing industry. It's one kind of circular electromagnetic workbench, vertical grinding head use grinding wheel end surface to surface grinding. Performance: need to choose proper fine grit grinding wheel when treating work-pieces that need highly polished and precision. Product Feature of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine The grinding wheel can be adjusted the angle by the three supports on the upright. Grinding wheel and work-table are driven by separate electromotor. Magnet workbench is speed promise, cooling adopts independent water tank, electric using independent switch box. BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine equipped with an automatic feeding device and hand wheel safely and quickly release device. Upright, grinding head and guide rail using steeled rail and chuck. Main precision: the roughness of the surface is over 0.8u, and depth of parallelism is within 0.02/1000mm. Equipped with the impeccable lubricating device and efficiency cooling liquid separating apparatus, adopted half-enclosed fitting. Can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

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