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2 июля 2019 г. 12:30, Китай Смотреть на карте

Main application of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine

BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine with the model of HLCNC3319, is a professional countertop making and polishing machine. The max tools which can be hung are 20 pcs and because of a mechanical main spindle used, the cutting and polishing speed is faster than others, and the finished processing products are excellent both inside and outside edges. With high automaticity, it's easy to operate when using. The main application of BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine is listed as followings. 1. Applicable material: all kinds of stone, marble, manmade stone, quartz stone, granite, etc. 2. BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine processing center can do many processes, such as drilling, grinding, mainly used for kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top making by automatic tools changing. 3. It's mainly featured with high efficiency and low processing cost. The router can walk 50cm/ min, and grinder 1m/min. 4. It is easy to operate. There are some commonly used drawings in map storage, so just select the shapes you want to cut and adjust the cutting size, press "Start", and then the machine can finish the job automatically. 5. BT-150E cutter and tool grinding machine linear guideway in "X, Y, Z" axis to guarantee accuracy and speed 6. Electric components in international standards to be easily sourced 7. The full machine can be loaded in 20 GP container.

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