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19 июня 2019 г. 13:23, Китай Смотреть на карте

Features of PP-60N universal drill grinding machine

1. There are two types of grinding wheels (5A & 12A) on the wheel head of PP-60N. The end & chisel edge can be ground without changing the grinding wheel. 2. For dressing grinding wheel, set the diamond dresser on the chuck and adjust the wheel head angle. The wheel motor can be adjusted 165mm vertically and rotate 180°. It can increase the function of machinery. 3. Adopts the precision awl type chuck. It can clip stably. At the same time, it can grind the cutting edge and web thickness of drills in one set-up. Both sides of the drill angle and the edge length are equal. It could keep the accuracy of the center of drill without offset. 4. Easy operation, grind fast and precisely. The types of PP-60N universal drill grinding machine to be ground: Drill, step drill, center drill, spotting drill, countersink cutter, tap, chamfer cutter, the edge of end mill, engraving tool, sheet metal drill, round bar, etc.。 5. There are two types of wheel head: single or double. 6. Adopt high precision cross roller guide on the table. The table is stable and can be operated smoothly. 7. Adopt FC25 cast iron with high toughness. It can keep the precision of the machine in the long term. 8. The types of tools to be ground include: Drills, taps, end mills, lathe tools, radius lathe tools, radius end mills, chamfer cutter, side cutter, reamer, hob, gun drill, hole saw, slitting cutter, punch, round bar, etc. PP-60N universal drill grinding machine removing stuck bolts- punch drill grinding, 28 Aug 2015, Drill into the fastener, open the hole as much as possible and punch the , a brand new Allen wrench with valve grinding compound and twistEngineering Tools - AdendorffGrinders (22) , This machine is ideal for milling, drilling and tapping The headstock , 22mm; THICKNESS OF PLATE 8mm; PUNCH LONG HOLE 17 x 40mm

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