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11 июня 2019 г. 12:45, Китай Смотреть на карте

Structure of 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester

Performance Overview of 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester product performance and high efficiency. Mainly used for harvesting potato, garlic, sweet potatoes, peanuts and other crops, underground stem. With a harvest of high efficiency, low breakage, running light and no vibration, no blocking grass, earth leakage fast, simple structure, long service life. The equipment has been approved by the State Patent Office, utility model and design patents. Structure of 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester Potato Harvest machine is mounted on tractors equipped with three-point linkage and PTO. Usage of 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester The potato harvester we manufactured has the characteristics of good function, high efficiency, mainly used for the reaping potato, sweet potato, peanut, onions, garlic, Chinese yam, taro, and other underground rhizome crops. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low breakage, fast to leak the soil, long service life. Features of 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester Agriculture Equipment 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester for sale Optionally completing the excavation, transport separation, in addition to the seedlings The combination of mining institutions ensures the mining depth The floating cutter is designed more effectively to cut weeds, reduce digging resistance Key components adopt international advanced technology, to improve the whole life Farm use tractor driven potato harvester Agriculture Equipment 3 Point Tractor Mounted Potato Harvester for sale is the machine that harvest potatoes. It works by lifting the potatoes from the bed using a share. Soil and crop are transferred onto a series of webs where the loose soil is sieved out. Then the potatoes are moved towards the back of the harvester on to a separation unit and then (on manned machines) to a picking table where a people pick out by hand the stones, clod, haulm and reject clod. The potatoes then go on to a side elevator and into a trailer or a potato box. This machine is mainly used for the harvest of potato, garlic, Pachyrhizus, peanut and other subterranean rootstalk crops with the advantages including high-working efficiency, lower breakage rate,light&quick running without vibration, no jamming and simple structure as well as long useful life.

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