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13 марта 2019 г. 06:52, Китай Смотреть на карте

Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine 500/400 matching method

The Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine 500/400 equipment is popular among the agricultural users in the current agricultural market because the use of the equipment saves the user a lot of manpower and material resources. So what are the matching methods for this device? Let's analyze it for everyone today.

Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine 500/400 wet and dry peanut picking machine is available in a variety of ways. It can be directly used with a motor, diesel engine, and single cylinder tractor to directly feed the harvested peanuts with peanuts through the full feed. The peanut picking machine is separated and processed at one time, and the peanuts and the cockroaches are automatically separated by the rotation of the machine to separate. The separated peanuts fall onto the vibrating screen and are transported to the side of the fuselage to enter the feeding port, and then automatically loaded into the bag, wherein the mixed leaves and weeds are simultaneously blown to the outside by the fan, and the remaining crucibles are discharged from the discharge port. Discharge, in this process, the peanut breakage rate is less than 1%, the processed peanuts are clean and complete, the processed peanuts are clean, and the rate of fruit breakage without peanuts, leaves, and branches is less than 1%. The set of products is simple and flexible to operate, convenient and quick to use, and has a low breakage rate. It is excellent to reduce the labor workload of farmers' friends, that is, save labor, save time and effort, and work efficiently.




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