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11 марта 2019 г. 10:23, Китай Смотреть на карте

The main function of Customize Corn/Soybean Precision Planter

Customize Corn/Soybean Precision Planter are now widely available in agricultural production, with granular seeds such as wheat, soybeans, red beans, peas, corn, and broad beans. It can be fertilized and planted at the same time. The amount of seed, the amount of fertilizer, and the depth of sowing can be adjusted to be small machinery used in dry fields. Applicable to all ridge crops in dryland crops. It is the first choice for farmers' friends to realize agricultural mechanization. So what are the main functions of the device? Let me introduce you today.

The gearbox produced by the regular enterprise is selected, and the high-quality brand-name gasoline engine is used as the supporting power. Easy to start, light and durable. The overall board design, one-shot molding, is sturdy and durable. Bold handles. User-friendly high-quality hand throttle design. The new model adds a high and low neutral gear clutch function. The unique main wheel design does not slip, and the dust is less, reducing the leakage and entanglement to the gearbox.

Main functions: fertilization; sowing; loose soil; weeding; ditching; ridge; soil, etc., the use of this equipment has brought great convenience to users and improved user productivity, which has attracted much attention in agricultural production.




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