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6 марта 2019 г. 10:08, Китай Смотреть на карте

Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine accessories

The Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine is equipment specially produced by Aike according to the needs of users. The combination of the two not only brings great convenience to the user's agricultural production. Moreover, it also saves a part of the user's funds, and the device is used and welcomed by the users once it is listed. Today, Aike will come to tell you about the accessories and other structural features of the device.

Aike long-term production of high-quality corn peeling machine, corn peeling machine accessories and other equipment.

The crushing rate of the equipment is <2%; the removal rate is >95%, and the working efficiency is 2500-6000kg/h.

The machine has a simple structure, reasonable design, and high versatility. The four-wheel drive rubber shaft is clean, the breakage rate is low, the loss is small, and the movement is convenient. It completely changes the manual labor of farmers to manually peel the corn husk, which brings great convenience to users.



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