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25 января  2021 г. 11:36

Problems In The Use Of Performance Built Log Splitter

1. The Performance Built Log Splitter controls the moisture content of the original branch to ensure that the moisture content is 30-50%. The soaked raw materials should be dried before chipping.
2. Transform the chipping process. Short sections below 30 cm should not be used to prevent large wood chips from jamming the fan blades or air duct elbows.
3. The radius of curvature of the duct elbow should be greater than or equal to three times the diameter of the duct, R>3D.
4. Pay attention to check whether the bottom sieve and the air inlet are blocked by foreign matter.
5. The air intake is normal, the air supply pipe is not blocked, but the material cannot be fed, you should check whether the fan impeller is worn and whether the fan speed is normal.
6. In Log Splitter production, when you can't hear the clear and fluent rustling sound of wood chips hitting the pipe wall in the air duct, or if you find that the fine wood is coming out, you can judge that the air duct is blocked and check the air duct in time , Fan and cyclone separator outlet. Generally, the clogging of the air duct mostly occurs at the elbow, and sometimes the cyclone is caused by the poor operation of the vibrating screen.
The specifications of Log Splitter are different, so we will inevitably have different problems in the process of using the equipment. We have to work out corresponding solutions according to different problems. Once the device is found to be abnormal, it must be resolved immediately. First, it can avoid damage to the device, and second, it can save us some unnecessary expenses.

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