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11 марта 2019 г. 11:27

The scariest aggregation Rocket League

If there's a alone big champ from Day 1, it's in rocket league prices actuality Chiefs Esports out of the Oceania region. They defeated Paris Saint-Germain in the aperture bold afore traveling on to agitated NRG in the final bout of the afternoon. Oceania has been steadily convalescent over the accomplished four seasons and they in actuality don't accessory like impostors anymore. The disorderly Las Vegas army backed the Chiefs' adeptness with loud cries of "Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy Oy Oy!" They'll acceptable be the fan admired as connected as they're still animate in the tournament.


Things went off the rails, though. We Dem Girlz beatific Cloud9 to the lower bracket, atramentous the top hopes they had. If Cloud9 eventually prevails, they'll allegation to be complete for the blow of the weekend.


The a lot of accustomed aftereffect today, however, captivated even if it was added agitative than anyone. Back-to-back RLCS champions Aggregation Dignitas stays in the bigger ancillary of the bracket. They were in actuality assured too. Turbopolsa said it'd be 15 anniversary and afresh off the date for them -- admiration they'd win all three 5-minute amateur adjoin Angry Geniuses with ease.

Dignitas hasn't absent a alone bout aback the added day of RLCS Division 5 in June. They went best through league play and the European bounded championships. Aggregation Dignitas is the alone aggregation that has a behemothic ambition on its back.

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