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11 февраля 2020 г. 04:13

How To Choose Chinese Bakelite Parts

        Industry economic benefit analysis
        At present, on the whole, the economic benefits of processing of sheet metal parts in China are good, and many operating profits of industrial enterprises are above 20%. The Sheet Metal Parts processing industry mainly deals with the processing of automobiles, shipbuilding, precision machine tools, precision instruments, communication electronics and elevators. Most of the partners are large foreign companies (GE, BOSCH, OTIS), with cooperation. The relationship will be further deepened and long-term, from which to learn advanced technology, technology, and strict, standardized production environment, production process and other aspects of management experience, so that key components and key technologies can be gradually localized, correspondingly reduce foreign-funded enterprises from abroad Purchasing key components reduces the production costs of manufacturing companies.
       At the same time, this method can also be used for domestic manufacturing enterprises to do supporting processing, and also to enable them to obtain key production technologies, thereby improving the product performance of domestic manufacturing enterprises. At present, there are not many domestic high-precision sheet metal parts processing enterprises. The development of sheet metal parts processing industry in a certain area and the provision of complete supporting processing services to domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises can not only promote the overall development of machinery manufacturing enterprises, but also It can promote a new leap in the regional economy of the region, and at the same time ensure the economic benefits of the enterprise.
       As China becomes more and more an international processing and manufacturing center, and foreign investment continues to increase, the demand for metal processing capacity continues to increase, while electrical control boxes and machine casings in the metal processing industry are generally sheet metal parts. Therefore, the demand for sheet metal parts processing capacity is also constantly increasing. In addition, for sheet metal parts processing, sheet metal parts processing enterprises usually need a variety of mechanical equipment to meet different process requirements, and sheet metal punching accuracy is generally about ± 0.1mm, bending accuracy can generally reach ± 0.5mm, so the accuracy is much lower than that of sheet metal parts. Therefore, the advancement of industry technology has also brought high profits. For example, the stamping profit rate of Bakelite Parts processing can generally reach about 30%, and the profit of laser cutting is as high as 50%.
       Industry profit level and trend
       Overall, the profit level of the sheet metal parts processing industry mainly depends on product quality and processing precision, product and value-added services, downstream user companies and upstream raw material prices. Therefore, in the future, as the technical content of products in the industry becomes higher and higher, the influence of raw material price fluctuations on products is gradually reduced, and the trend of industry profit levels is improving.
       At the same time, the trend of future profit levels will mainly depend on factors such as product quality and precision, product value-added services and downstream customer industries. Enterprises with strong technical strength, high-end customer resource advantages and management advantages will gain higher profit levels in the industry in the fierce competition in the future.

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