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14 сентября 2020 г. 05:51

Led Street Light Factory Design Change

     100w outdoor slim led floodlight is mainly used for road lighting, such as main roads, secondary roads, branch roads, factories, schools, gardens, urban squares, courtyards, etc.; general street lights cover 20W~200W, and small street lights are mostly used on rural roads. Combining the characteristics of rural roads, it can not only save energy, but also meet lighting requirements. Highways generally use high power to meet national requirements and standards. Street lamps are mostly used in large factories, and the lighting requirements of the production workshop assembly line are very high. In order to meet this requirement, the lens has a secondary light distribution, and the light yield reaches 95% to meet the lighting requirements.


       LED high pole lights: mainly used in outdoor basketball courts, highway corners, airports and other places. The improvement of its output power and luminous flux needs to be further improved from the basic level of high-power white LED epitaxial technology and chip technology. In terms of secondary optical design, LED radiation forms include Lambert, side reflection, bat airfoil and spotlight. In the field of road lighting, based on design experience, Lambert airfoil and bat airfoil are more suitable. Through the secondary optical design, the optical path and luminosity curve of the LED can meet the requirements of road lighting.



      With the rapid economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, daily necessities are becoming more and more refined, and home lighting and road lighting are also changing from traditional lamps to LED lamps. Now there are more and more types of Led Street Light Factory products. Compared with traditional lamps, it is more energy-efficient and has a higher grade. Under normal circumstances, we would recommend customers to buy LED lamps.

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