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31 августа 2020 г. 05:50

Led Street Light Factory Lamp Control Method

    Features and applications of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight:

    1. The lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum, die-cast aluminum end cover; the surface is anodized or painted; the lamp body is exquisite and beautiful, and the heat dissipation performance is good.

    2. The lamp body is sealed with toughened glass and waterproof silica gel, and the inner epoxy resin is potted, so the lamp has double waterproof performance, superior waterproof effect, and waterproof grade IP65.


    3. The light source of the lamps adopts imported high-lumen high-power LED chips, the color temperature range is 2700K-7000K, and the built-in constant current power supply ensures the stable performance of the lamps.

    4. All lamps and lanterns adopt PMMA optical lens, and 25°35°45°60°equal angles can be used to achieve the desired projection effect.

    5. The effective projection distance of the lamp is: 2-100M.

    6. The working voltage of the lamp can be selected according to the actual application: AC/DC24V, AC220V.

  Led Street Light Factory lighting control method:

    1. Monochrome constant effect (red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white)

    2. External control synchronizes RGB changes, internal control synchronizes RGB changes.

    3. International standard DMX512 protocol control system.

     4. LED floodlights are widely used in workshops, warehouses, large indoor stadiums, exhibition halls and other places, squares, intersections, high-pole lights, tunnel lights.

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