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20 октября 2020 г. 04:50

Use Process Of Electroplating Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

   When the paper is saturated with water, the strength of the paper drops rapidly due to water molecules breaking and replacing the hydrogen bonds existing between the fibers, reducing to 3%~10% of the original dry strength of the paper. The retention strength of wet paper can generally retain 10-30% or even higher dry tensile strength. It depends on various process factors in the process of adding wet strength agent. The following are the common factors that influence the wet strength of Electroplating Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate during use.

1. The influence of fiber raw materials on the effect of wet strength agent

The wet strength effect of PAE on wood pulp is higher than that of straw pulp and recycled pulp. The higher the effective negative charge of the pulp, the more wet strength agent can be absorbed, so the wet strength effect is better.

2. The effect of beating degree on the effect of wet strength agent

The higher the beating degree, the larger the specific surface area of ​​the fiber, which increases the ability of the fiber to absorb the wet strength agent, so that the wet strength agent has a better effect.

3. The impact of adding location

The wet strength agent should not be added in advance before the pulp reaches the required beating degree to avoid further damage to the wet strength agent structure during the beating process, so try to avoid adding wet strength agent to the power pump. Continuous addition is best close to the headbox, and intermittent addition should be in the slurry tank after refining.

4. The influence of PH on the effect of wet strength agent

The pH value has a greater impact on the ionization state of functional groups such as carboxyl groups on the fiber, and therefore will affect the mutual adsorption of negatively charged fibers and positively charged wet strength agents. When in neutral and slightly alkaline Under the conditions, the wet strength agent has the best effect. When the pH value of the system is 4-7, with the increase of the pH value, the wet strength effect is obviously improved. The best choice of PH value is between 6-8. At low pH, the wet-strength agent's reactivity will decrease, and it will corrode equipment.

5. The influence of residual bleach on the effect of wet strength agent

The more residual bleaching solution, the worse the wet strength effect, because the bleaching solution is a strong oxidizer, which will oxidize organic polymer polymers such as wet strength agent.

6. The influence of CMC on the effect of wet strength agent

The use of CMC will improve the wet strength effect of the wet strength agent.

7. The influence of anionic garbage on the effect of wet strength agent

The presence of anionic garbage (fillers, fine fibers, dyes, etc.) will adsorb the cationic wet strength agent, thereby reducing the wet strength effect of the wet strength agent.

8. The effect of hard water on the effect of wet strength agent

The presence of calcium and magnesium ions in the water will reduce the effect of the wet strength agent. Therefore, the higher the water hardness, the greater the impact on the wet strength agent.

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