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15 сентября 2020 г. 05:06

Low Cost Of Using Cupric Oxide Powder

    The molecular formula of Cupric Oxide Powder is the same as that of Oxide Powder, but Oxide Powder is a composite polymer. The molecular structure becomes larger and the adsorption ability is strong. The water purification effect is better than all traditional inorganic water purifiers. The flocculation formed by the raw water is large, the precipitation speed is fast, the activity is high, and the filterability is good. And it has strong compliance with various raw waters, and has minimal impact on the PH value of water (PH value 4-11).
    Regardless of the turbidity of the raw water, the concentration of wastewater pollutants, the purification effect is significant. Low dosage: less corrosive to equipment and pipelines, easy to operate, small dosage, and low purification cost. The application of polymerized Oxide Powder is very common, which can be summarized as the following points: Purify domestic drinking water, and the purified water quality reaches the drinking water specifications of national regulations.
    It can be widely used in industrial water and urban sewage, and the water quality index after disposal can reach the first-level discharge specification: purification of papermaking, printing and dyeing industry waste water, low consumption, good decolorization effect, and the treated water can be reused. Purify and dispose of waste water and domestic sewage containing lead, chromium, cadmium, sulfide, etc., and the treated water can meet the discharge specifications. Purify and dispose of flotation tailings overflowing red water, and the treated water can be used as industrial water.

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