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11 августа 2020 г. 05:36

Surface Improvement Technology Of Cupric Oxide Powder

    For Cupric Oxide Powder wet superfine pulverization or other wet powder milling processes, the superfine powder will form hard agglomerates during drying. Therefore, surface modification after the wet superfine pulverization and before drying can not only Prevent the ultrafine powder from forming hard agglomerates that are difficult to depolymerize during drying, and because the particles are easily dispersed in the wet state, the contact opportunities between the surface modifier molecules and the particles are more uniform, and the surface modification effect is better.
   The key technology of wet surface modification is the use method, formula and drying process equipment of surface modifier. The reason is that most organic surface modifiers are insoluble in water and cannot be added directly; in addition, the drying temperature should be controlled appropriately and not too high to avoid decomposition of the surface modifier. The characteristics of this technology are to better solve these two problems: ①Select and formulate surface modifiers according to the requirements used in the slurry; ②Using high drying efficiency, both drying and depolymerization (soft agglomeration) functions Dryer.

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