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28 июля 2020 г. 06:08

Bolt Factory Introduces The Detection Method Of Screws

There are many screws made of stainless steel on the market today, among which are high-quality stainless steel materials, but it is inevitable that unscrupulous merchants have also incorporated many low-quality stainless steel products for high profits. The production of screws is checked at various levels, from design, production to inspection to packaging and transportation, all quality verifications are in place. Bolt Factory provides several methods for testing stainless steel screws.

First, the appearance of the plating layer of China Nut is directly inspected. Second, the thickness of the coating is inspected by magnetic method, microscope method, etc. Third, the adhesion strength of the coating is tested by friction polishing experiment, scratch method, thermal shock method, extrusion method and bending experiment. Finally, the corrosion resistance of the screw coating is tested by the salt spray method (neutral salt spray test, acetic acid salt spray test and immersion test, etc.).

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