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15.09.2020 06:34

Industrial Bolt Factory non-standard screws are widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products. If the nut of a product needs to be installed on the outside, and the space inside is small, it is impossible to let the indenter of the sub-rivet machine enter for squeezing. And when methods such as sprouting cannot meet the strength requirements, pressure riveting and expanding riveting are not feasible at this time. Must use pull riveting. It is suitable for the fastening field of various thickness plates and pipes (0.5MM-6MM). The use of pneumatic or manual riveting guns can be riveted at one time, which is convenient and firm instead of traditional welding nuts, it can make up for the shortcomings of thin metal plates, thin tubes welded easily, and welded nuts are not smooth.

Flat head small head hex half hex rivet nuts are mainly used in non-structural bearing bolt connections,


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01.09.2020 06:20

   1. Friction prevention

China Stud Supplier introduces this is a widely used anti-loosening method. This method generates positive pressure between unfastened stainless steel screw pairs. The positive pressure does not change with external force to generate friction that can rotate relative to the screw pair.

   2. Mechanical anti-loosening

   Use lifting pins, limit washers and wire ropes. The mechanical anti-loose method is more reliable, and the mechanical anti-loose method should be used to handle important connections.


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25.08.2020 06:29

1. China Stud Supplier introduces that the surface of stainless steel screws adheres to organic juices (such as melons, vegetables, noodle soup, sputum, etc.), organic acids will be formed under the action of water and oxygen, and organic acids will corrode metal surfaces. 2. In humid air, the adhesion of dust or dissimilar metal particles and the condensate of stainless steel screws form micro-batteries, which will cause electrochemical reactions and damage the protective film, which is called electrochemical corrosion. 3. In polluted air (such as the atmosphere containing a lot of sulfide, carbon oxide and nitrogen oxide), when it encounters condensed water, it will form sulfuric acid, nitric acid and acetic acid liquid spots, causing chemical corrosion. 4. The stainless steel surface of Industrial Bolt Factory contains acid, alkali and salt substances (for example, alkaline water and lime water splashed on the decorative wall), which can cause local corrosion.


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18.08.2020 05:56

Generally, the forming of the bolt head of the Industrial Bolt Factory adopts cold heading plastic processing. Compared with cutting processing, the metal fiber (metal remaining wire) is continuous along the product shape without cutting in the middle, thus improving the strength of the product, especially the mechanical Excellent performance.

Cold heading forming process includes cutting and forming, single-station single-click, double-click cold heading and multi-station automatic cold heading. An automatic cold heading machine performs multi-station processes such as stamping, upsetting, extrusion and diameter reduction in several forming dies.

The processing characteristics of the original blank used by the single-station or multi-station automatic cold heading machine are determined by the size of the bar material with a length of 5-6 meters


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12.08.2020 06:12

   We can buy different types of high-strength bolts and nuts through the Internet, and we can also see the specific quotations of merchants across the country, but the price of each Industrial Bolt Factory is quite different, so we should still provide products before purchasing Quality and style, as well as some corresponding product conditions for comparison.
  Compare performance and price. Because the types of high-strength bolts and nuts we need are different, we must compare their performance. It is also very important for us to choose a suitable brand of products. At the same time, we must also understand the price of the same type of product. The price comparison of different brands is also very important for us. It is also very important for us to purchase cost-effective products.
  Purchase through formal channels. Perhaps we need to purchase more high-strength bolts and nuts at one


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05.08.2020 06:23

Today Zhejiang Weigao Bolt Factory will explain the basic knowledge of hole processing for you.
Compared with the outer surface processing, the hole processing conditions are much worse, and the hole processing is more difficult than the outer circle processing. This is because:
1) The size of the tool used for hole processing is limited by the size of the hole to be processed, and the rigidity is poor, which is prone to bending deformation and vibration
2) When machining holes with fixed-size tools, the size of the hole is often directly dependent on the corresponding size of the tool, and the manufacturing error and wear of the tool will directly affect the machining accuracy of the hole
3) When machining holes, the cutting area is inside the workpiece, so the chip removal and heat dissipation conditions are poor, and the machining accuracy and surface quality are not easy to control.


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28.07.2020 06:08

There are many screws made of stainless steel on the market today, among which are high-quality stainless steel materials, but it is inevitable that unscrupulous merchants have also incorporated many low-quality stainless steel products for high profits. The production of screws is checked at various levels, from design, production to inspection to packaging and transportation, all quality verifications are in place. Bolt Factory provides several methods for testing stainless steel screws.

First, the appearance of the plating layer of China Nut is directly inspected. Second, the thickness of the coating is inspected by magnetic method, microscope method, etc. Third, the adhesion strength of the coating is tested by friction polishing experiment, scratch method, thermal shock method, extrusion method and bending experiment. Finally, the corrosion resistance of the screw coating is tested by the salt spray method (neutral salt spray test, acetic acid salt spray test and immersion test,


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