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3 сентября 2018 г. 05:17

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday that economic and cultural cooperation are two important "wheels" of China-Africa cooperation.


At a forum meeting with African business leaders and representatives from the education and art community Mike Conley Grizzlies Jersey , Li said economic and trade, together with people-to-people and cultural cooperation between China and Africa, are "the two indispensable wheels" of their overall cooperation.


"It is the 'bearings' of development that well connect the two 'wheels'," he added.


The Chinese premier stressed the need to let these two wheels drive the China-Africa cooperation into the fast track of development, so that each side can grow further in a better and more stable way.


China and Africa, said Li Zach Randolph Kids Jersey , have a total population of 2.3 billion, with one of them a promising developing country, and the other a hopeful continent.


China and Africa view each other as a vast opportunity for their own development, and have enjoyed close cooperation in various fields, he said.


On economy, the Chinese premier noted that since employment is a basic need for Africa to improve the living standards of its people Marc Gasol Kids Jersey , and that China and Africa are mutually complementary at this stage of development, China is ready to transfer the industries best suitable for Africa, especially the labor-intensive ones, so as to create more jobs in the continent.


In addition, China is also ready to share its technology and experience without any reservation with Africa, make greater contribution to poverty reduction and development Mike Conley Kids Jersey , encourage more enterprises to participate in Africa's infrastructure construction, and strengthen cooperation in economy and trade, Li told the forum.


Meanwhile, China is ready to increase its cooperation with Africa in training, research and development, and to promote people-to-people and technological exchanges Zach Randolph Youth Jersey , so that the two ancient civilizations will have a more splendid future in learning from each other, said the premier.


Thirty African representatives from China, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana and Djibouti participated in the forum.


Li arrived here on Sunday for a visit to the East African nation and the headquarters of the African Union based in the Ethiopian capital.


The Chinese premier will also visit Nigeria, Angola and Kenya during his four-nation Africa tour.

As the objectives to teach an online course

To ensure the success of an online course that students must:

the advantages of education offered through the Web
Be able to effectively use this medium to select and obtain information.
Understand the importance of learning both the specific content of a course as technology skills required.
The benefits of education and teaching an online course cannot rely on written materials hyper text ualization used Marc Gasol Youth Jersey , multimedia components and communication strategies How the Objectives in Teaching an Online Course
s and student-teacher interaction represent a very important added value. Animations, video, audio, chat, discussion forums, and video conferencing can be both educational value as text structure.

The most important aspects to consider before starting the development of a course must be:

Student access to computers and the Internet
Getting to computer management
Experience to surf the Web Mike Conley Youth Jersey , use e-mail, participate in an online forum, download and copy files from the Net
Background information on the subject of the course
Attitudes towards the subject and the medium of instruction.
Virtual education requires various forms of assessment. The use of multiple sources of information may reveal a more complete picture of the achievements of the students. The tasks, projects, and other inputs should be very specific about their characteristics, deadlines Zach Randolph Womens Jersey , and evaluation criteria.

Students to function optimally and take a virtual teaching and learning requires a set of skills and attitudes such as:

Take responsibility for autonomous learners.
Ability to manage time.
Self-discipline to do all the work required by the course.
Good habits and study strategies
Organization and work efficiency
Willingness to learn in a new environment.
The network can be used in various ways as a pedagogical and technological in an online course:

Promotion and marketing programs.
Exploring students of various learning resources.
Post products developed by students
Create activities and teaching resources useful in developing a course.
Readjust or adapt other materials. for activities that go beyond the scope of the class.
For alternative education students or local residents.
To provide a complete course to students anywhere.

A good online course is designed not literally putting the program on the network and the content of a traditional classroom. This is a more complex task, which requires teachers to learn new technology skills, other ways to organize content, and even a new style of teaching.

Not all teachers have good teaching skills virtually, and institutions may fail to select those responsible to prepare and deliver a course online. For example, assessments may rely on that privilege those teachers considered very entertaining to teach a class in person. However Marc Gasol Womens Jersey , this popularity or skills not easily transferred to a virtual environment.

You can not expect teachers know intuitively how to design and manage a successful online course, is very important to provide training and support. The strategy of associating an expert teacher and a learner has been successful in several institutions. Training courses online are an effective way to train teachers for virtual teaching, have the opportunity to experience simultaneously the condition of instructors and student.

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