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7 августа 2018 г. 05:59

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BEIJING nike air presto hvid , March 12 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Finance's one trillion debt swap line has been assigned to local governments, regional delegates to China's annual parliamentary session said on Thursday.


China's Ministry of Finance has recently confirmed a debt restructuring program that lets local government to convert some of their most urgent debts into municipal bonds with a longer tenor.


The ministry has confirmed a swap totalling one trillion that will begin this year. Each province will be assigned a quota for replacing its soon-to-mature debts with bond issued to commercial banks and other financial institutions.


So far 50 billion yuan were granted to southern Chinese province Guangdong nike air presto dame , 40 billion earmarked for Shandong, 30 billion for Anhui and 20 billion for Jiangxi nike air presto tilbud , Xinhua-affiliated business newspaper Economic Information Daily reports on Thursday, citing local deputies to the National People's Congress.


The restructuring quota is granted based on existing liabilities set to come due this year nike air max tn dame , said Zeng Zhiquan, director of Guangdong's department of finance.


The debt restructuring program also triggered a rally of banking stocks on the Chinese mainland on Thursday as investors view it as a positive development to improve bank balance sheets nike tn sort , especially those that have lent heavily to local governments.


A government audit of local government debt as of June 2013 shows 2.78 trillion yuan of debts will mature this year, two thirds of which are a direct liability for local governments. Total debt for local governments air max 97 summit white danmark , including contingent liabilities, currently stands at 17.9 trillion.


China's Ministry of Finance says the restructuring program will save local governments up to 50 billion yuan in interest payments.


Extending the maturity of debt will significantly ease the burden for local governments. A simple projection shows that the debt repayment will be lowered by 50 percent in the next three years if tenors are extended from three years to seven nike air max tn sort , says China economists Liu Ligang and Zhou Hao at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)


China has also earmarked a 600 billion quota for local government debt this year and has expanded its municipal bond pilot scheme in a bid to wean local government from unsustainable and risky borrowing through designated financing vehicles.


Up to 70 percent of financing vehicles that raise funds on local governments' behalf have borrowed new loans to service old debts from 2011 to 2013, Moody's Chinese mainland rating arm CCXI found in an analysis of more than 1 nike air max tn danmark ,100 local government financing vehicles' balance sheet.


Authorities also designed guidelines last year to encourage private investments into infrastructure and utilities to ease local governments' spending in the hope that alternative funding will reduce government's financing needs.


The debt-to-bond swap fuelled speculation that China central bank may purchase bonds issued by local governments, a move that many likened to the quantitative easing (QE) of the United States.


But officials quickly dismissed any notion of a Chinese version of QE nike air max 97 herre , saying the country's law currently prohibits its central bank from purchasing sovereign bonds from any country, including those issued by the Chinese government.


ANZ economists say the debt swap is more like ""Operation Twist"" nike air max 97 sort og hvid , which the U.S. Federal Reserve has used to buy and sell bonds of short and long terms to guide interest rates lower.


""[China's debt-to-bond program] could help smooth out debt repayment for local governments and thus facilitate the de-leveraging process in China."" ANZ economists said.




WELLINGTON, March 6 (Xinhua) -- New Zealand researchers said Monday they have identified an immune cell that might help boost survival rates among colorectal cancer patients.


Researchers with Otago University's Department of Microbiology and Immunology found that patients with more "effector T regulatory" (Treg) immune cells present in their tumors were more likely to be disease-free for longer than those who had fewer of the cells.


The team followed 32 people with early stage colorectal cancer for more than five years and 13 individuals had a recurrence of their cancer over this time.


They used a new tool, the Immunoscore, to measure basic immune cells in tumors, and looked at which type of immune responses were associated with patient survival.


The findings meant it could be possible to measure immune responses in colorectal cancer patients to estimate which patients were likely to get their cancer back and should therefore be given additional treatment, study co-author Kirsten Ward-Hartstonge said.


"This information could be used to tailor existing therapies to be targeted to people who really need them, rather than taking a more blanket approach," Ward-Hartstonge said in a statement.


Around a quarter of patients who were currently considered "low risk" would eventually develop the disease again.


These patients usually did not receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy because the risks and costs were thought to outweigh the benefits.


"By measuring an individual patient's Immunoscore and 'effector Treg' immune cells, it may be possible to more accurately identify patients at high risk of getting their disease back and treating them more effectively," she said.


Other research had shown that New Zealand and Australia had the highest rates of colorectal cancer incidence and death in the world.




by Liu Tong, Xue Fei, Lin Hao


KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia, Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- Yang Yaoru, a 24-year-old girl from China's eastern Jiangsu province, could never imagine she could repeat the adventures of "The Life of Pi," though not on her own.


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