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1 июня 2018 г. 06:36

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BEIJING http://www.jordan6goldenharvest.com/air-jordan-6-golden-harvest.html , Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- China will build national cultural demonstration zones to serve as a driving force for cultural development, announced the Ministry of Culture Friday.


The first batch of ten zones include the Chengde Mountain Resort in north China's Hebei Province, Beijing Road Culture-Oriented Core Area in southern Guangdong Province and Whitehorse Lake Creative Eco-City in eastern Zhejiang Province.


The zones will be named "national cultural demonstration zones" after examinations in three years' time, said the ministry.


The zones feature industries ranging from tourism air jordan 6 retro golden harvest mens , fine arts and entertainment to design and animation.


The ministry will ensure the zones are influential platforms for cultural, scientific and technological innovation.




Shaken by corruption scandals, global soccer body FIFA on Wednesday presented the detailed reforms it will ask members to adopt in February at a special congress that seeks to restore its reputation and elect a new leader.


The reforms include limiting the number of terms top officials can serve, following the banning for eight years of Sepp Blatter air jordan 6 golden harvest retail , who had been FIFA -president for 17 years.


His reign ended in the worst graft scandal of the body's history.


The amendments also seek to put a tighter rein on FIFA's 209 -member -associations and separate policy and management positions, with a 36--member FIFA council replacing the 25-member executive committee.


"This is a landmark occasion in the history of FIFA, and it comes at a -crucial time as we focus on the hard work of -restoring credibility and stability," -acting FIFA president Issa Hayatou said in remarks prepared for a February 26 -congress in Zurich.


"I hope that all of the confederations and our member associations will fully embrace these reforms. This will -demonstrate to the world that we have listened and learned from recent events and are taking the necessary steps."


FIFA is in the throes of criminal -investigations in the US and -Switzerland.


Its ethics committee this week banned Blatter and UEFA boss Michel Platini air jordan 6 golden harvest mens for sale , long expected to succeed him in the job, for eight years for ethics -violations. Both deny any wrongdoing.


Soccer bosses from across South and Central America were among the latest 16 people charged this month by the US with multi million dollar bribery schemes for marketing and broadcast rights, bringing the number of indictments so far to 41 in an investigation spanning dozens of countries.


The draft statute amendments released on Wednesday take responsibility for good conduct right to the top.


"The President shall aim to foster a positive image of FIFA and to ensure that FIFA's mission, strategic direction air jordan 6 golden harvest mens , policies and values, as defined by the Council, are protected and advanced," one amendment reads.


It set a similar high bar for Council members jordan 6 retro golden harvest mens , which now must "faithfully, loyally and independently act in the best interests of FIFA and the promotion


and development of football at global level."


In future, each member -association would be responsible "for any and all acts of the members of their bodies caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of such members."


One new statute stipulates that the congress may suspend a member solely at the request of the council.


NAIROBI, May 19 (Xinhua) -- At least 19 organizations in Kenyahave been affected by the ransomware virus in an ongoing globalhacking attack.


Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) on Friday issued theupdate jordan 6 golden harvest retail , noting the WannaCryptor virus has infected networks andcomputers the East African nation.


The number is an increase from the previous five reported on May13 by the authority in an attack that has affected over half amillion users globally as anxiety mounts amid today's deadlineissued by the hackers.


"So far, the National KE-CIRT has received 19 cases of instanceswhere the WannaCryptor virus has infected networks and computers inKenya. The authority will continue working with stakeholders tomitigate the effects of such instances while encouraging parties toput in place preventive mechanisms," said the authority'sdirector-general Francis Wangusi in a statement Friday.


Information and Communication Technology Cabinet Secretary JoeMucheru had named Kenyan banks as among institutions targeted inthe large-scale attack against computers worldwide that began lastweek.


He noted the software encrypts systems and denies the owneraccess to them, while the perpetrators demand payment using Bitcointo allow access.


"Individuals and organizations are discouraged from paying theransom jordan 6 golden harvest mens for sale , as this does not guarantee access will be restored," saidWangusi.


The authority formed the National Kenya Computer IncidentResponse Team (National KE-CIRT) to help in the coordination offighting the virus.


CA said National KE-CIRT is working with other governmentagencies, banks, telecoms jordan 6 golden harvest mens , academia and information technologyexperts to enhance security of Kenya's cyber infrastructure.


Almost 80 percent of Kenya's servers are based on Windows,another 16 percent on unix or the Linux variant, making the countryvulnerable.


Industry experts noted that more companies are likely to betargeted before the end of the hacker's deadline, but addedtracking the firms may present a challenge as many businesses arelikely to shy away from publicizing the attacks.


Tens of thousands of computer users around the world are anxiousas the deadline to pay ransom issued by hackers is set to endtoday.


WannaCry has exposed the widespread susceptibility of computersacross the globe http://www.jordan6goldenharvest.com/ , with Kenyan experts asking firms to backup datain flash drives and cloud. Enditem


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