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23 апреля 2018 г. 04:57


The UK showcases its advanced technologies at the 19th China International Industry Fair held in Shanghai.

The UK expects more industrial collaboration opportunities with China bolstered by the country's rapid upgrading http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Harrison-Barnes-Jersey/ , British officials said at the 19th China International Industry Fair.


The country’s “Northern Powerhouse” and “Midlands Engine” schemes are similar to the “Made in China 2025” with its focus on industrial upgrading, which offers opportunities to cooperate among producers in the two countries, said Martin Phelan, international investment director at the UK Department for International Trade. The UK is the industry fair's country of honor this year.


China’s rapid industrial upgrading has boosted exports of advanced technologies and services from the UK, given that last year almost 2,000 companies in the Midlands http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Seth-Curry-Jersey/ , an area cluttered with advanced technologies such as automobiles and aviation, exported over 3 billion pounds (US$3.9 billion) worth of goods to China.


China’s companies have also been participating in UK’s industrial development and upgrading. Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co has built cranes for the latest port at Liverpool, while BYD, a Chinese carmaker, delivered 12 fleets of new energy vehicles in that city at the beginning of this year and “helping the city shift to ‘greener’ development,” Christine Vaudrey http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Dirk-Nowitzki-Jersey/ , international head for UK's international business festival, said.

Nowadays, there is a considerable increase in the number of people owning mobile phones and even many are owning Smartphones these days as compared to mobile phones. Further, there is a considerable increase in the number of students using these devices and now with the introduction of tablet PCs that are turning out to be great alternatives to laptop computers, more and more students own this handheld device. These devices in addition to helping students for entertainment purpose, they can also be used as learning tools. Some years ago http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Dennis-Smith-Jr-Jersey/ , when the concept of e-learning was introduced, people were finding it hard to digest the concept. This is because they were not able to imagine getting certification right by studying at their homes. But, some years after the introduction of this concept, nowadays, even tuition classes are attended by children right from the comfort of their homes.

Further improvement is made in the concept of e-learning, when mobile phones came with the facility to access the internet. With the availability of internet connection in these phones http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/ , people started to use their device for many functions, inclusive of mobile banking. Now the concept of mobile course is gaining importance in some countries of the world. This is similar to e-learning, but the difference is that the learners can attend classes through their handheld device itself, without the need for booting their computers.

Already, e-learning program is available in many universities and institutions these days, but now they are looking for the best mobile course development vendors http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Devin-Harris-Jersey/ , in such a way that they can introduce mobile course as well. This concept will be of great help to working professionals, who wish to gain some certifications that can increase the opportunity for them to get employed. When they can get enrollment in an institution offering courses through mobile phones, they can learn while on the move and even during the lunch hours in their office.

When it comes to designing a mobile learning solution, it is important that the institutions should take into consideration as to how this solution will be used by students. On the basis of this consideration, they can look for the mobile course development vendors, who can rightly meet their requirements with utmost satisfaction.

Also http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Wesley-Matthews-Jersey/ , the institution should ensure that the mobile learning is more focused on students and they should get an opportunity to learn the subject, they wish to learn at their convenient time. So, appropriate selection of the best vendor in this respect will give the institutions fruitful results.

BEIJING, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- China is racing against time to build high speed rails as annual investment targets are still far from completion, shedding light on its needs to shore up growth.


With authorities seeing new infrastructure as crucial in driving growth, the central government said at the start of 2015 that 800 billion yuan (about 125 billion U.S. dollars) should be invested in creating 8 http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Yogi-Ferrell-Jersey/ ,000 km of new railway track this year.


In the first half, 2,226 km of track were put into service, thanks to 265.1 billion yuan of investment. Though this funding was up 12.7 percent from the same period last year, it still leaves China with a lot of ground to make up if it is going to meet the full-year targets,


The launch of China's northernmost high-speed railway on Monday offered some encouragement. The Heilongjiang Province trip from provincial capital Harbin to Qiqihar City was reduced from three hours to 85 minutes.


Arguably more significant http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Josh-McRoberts-Jersey/ , however, was the start of work six days earlier on the first high-speed railway to be constructed under a PPP, which are based on partnerships between government and private companies. Passengers can look forward to the line linking Jinan and Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province being finished within four years.


Local governments will raise 80 percent of the 60 billion yuan needed for the Jinan-Qingdao line. The remainder will be private capital.


Outside of rail, the PPP model will be widely used in infrastructure projects approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.


Jiangsu Province announced 186 PPP projects on Sunday, with investment totaling 343.55 billion yuan. The funding is focused on areas including affordable housing, gas supply and transportation.


Earlier this year http://www.cheapnbajerseysmavericks.com/Jose-Juan-Barea-Jersey/ , the state planning .

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