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30 июля 2016 г. 11:27

he piano Jake Peavy Jersey

Over the last few years Matt Cain Jersey , LottoMasta International has run Lotto Syndicates (also called Lottery Clubs), learning from every experience and the input of others. Group lottery entries are usually thought of as a means to raise the large sums necessary to play Lotto System entries. They have a second, often overlooked, function - the pooling of knowledge. As facilitator for the lotto groups, LottoMasta has made the knowledge of 20 individuals available to the group, allowing us all to feed off the ideas of others.

Using this collective approach, we have tried the following: a) 50 sets of Lottery System 8's - (quite successful, including a win of $1 Madison Bumgarner Jersey ,008,742.00) b) 20 sets of Lottery System 9's - (a great entry for weekly lotto draws, only slightly behind 50 System 8's) c) 8 sets of Lottery System 10's - (disappointing) d) Individual Lotto Games, playing a 44-ball Lottery in 2 groups of 22 lotto numbers. Each set of 22 lottery numbers had all 4-number combinations guaranteed. This System won for 63 consecutive weeks (it HAD to win, because of the way it was designed.) However, it never turned up a First Prize and we moved on to try other approaches. e) Created a specialist MegaDraw Lottery Entry (4,452 Games for a 49-ball lottery and 3,350 Games for a 45-ball lottery). This still is a very successful approach Juan Marichal Jersey , but is only feasible for large lottery draws. For normal weekly draws the cost, relative to the First prize, rules it out as a cost-effective approach. In summary, good for a $10 Million + draw, but not a $1 Million Draw. f) Created a cheaper Lotto MegaDraw entry using 10 different Lottery System 9's. This covers all 45 lotto numbers twice and guarantees 16 Winning lotto numbers in our overall entry (6 main balls and two bonus balls are drawn in Australian draws). This still is a popular and effective approach for those who prefer a full-systems entry. It's success depends on how the 16 Guaranteed Winning Lotto Numbers fall over the 10 Lotto System 9's. g) Creating an individual entry of 160 games guaranteeing 3 or more winning lotto numbers in a 45-ball Lottery. Also, a 198-game counterpart, designed for the 49-ball Lottery.

Following their successes, LottoMasta was approached by three different lottery agents Johnny Cueto Jersey , with a view to joint ventures whereby LottoMasta International design the lottery systems and the lottery agent handles the sales side. These lottery joint ventures have already resulted in a lotto First Prize of $1.3 Million (both winning lotto checks can be seen at http:www.lottery-and-lotto).

LottoMasta also develop lottery strategies that match the cost of playing lotto to the prize on offer. Australia has 4 national lotteries plus some State lotteries. The cost of playing stays the same, the lotto odds stay the same, BUT First Prize can vary enormously. If you can only play one Lottery, this is still important. Whether First Prize is $20 Million or $1 Million can decide your playing strategy. For example, when prizes are low, you might play only 50% of your stake money and save 50% to mount larger campaigns as the First Prize mounts. Do your lottery goals include a 'Money Management' Plan?

LottoMasta have discussed and rejected many other lotto theories. Even failures are important - they represent one more way that does NOT work. With a scientific approach, experiments have been measured and we have moved on with an improved knowledge base. With email available to everyone now, sharing knowledge is easy.

So Joe Panik Jersey , what have we learnt? Well, 4 winning lotto numbers every week is something we can do any time we want. For most people, it would be a major advancement (but not for you if you have the "Winning Lotto Secrets" book).

And five of the Six winning lotto numbers? the LottoMasta record over Australian Lotto MegaDraws shows we have had 5-number payouts 12 times. In addition, we did have two Six-Number Wins, but unfortunately they were 5 main lotto numbers plus a bonus number.

In April 2006, we won $1,008,742. In July 2006 Jeff Samardzija Jersey , we won $1.3 Million, in a joint venture with a lottery agent. We have also been within a whisker of a $Million+ payout several times. With that record and consistency, 6 winning lotto numbers had to happen eventually.

It must be stressed that there are NO magic bullets for winning lotto. However, that is no excuse for not having a determined approach, based on education, and a consistent application of approaches that show promise.

Think about it for a moment. If you wanted to play golf, tennis, the piano Jake Peavy Jersey , learn a new language, etc - you would study and practice. You would learn what works and try to improve on it. You would also learn
For more useful tips & hints, please browse for more information at our

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