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21 апреля 2016 г. 09:55

Yes Blackhawks Tony Esposito Jersey

mix of integration David Rundblad Jersey , consolidation and federation does the trick without the need for a fully blown SOA project. Business service consolidation integration and federation is a difficult task, and given the data and applications explosion in most organizations, it will not get easier if you wait. Large organizations typically have large amounts of legy data and nurous hard-coded processes because they typically buy the so-believed best-of-breed products that create the integration problem. SMB or small to dium businesses have less legy data and thus focus on integration from a business intelligence perspective. Five integration towers are to be considered: tadata, content, applications Niklas Hjalmarsson Jersey , business process, and user interfe. Do not forget SECURITY on all levels. There are many offerings for eh tower but it is important to consolidate on all levels of enterprise IT and not just on one of them. Only then a coherent view of the business can be given to the user as well as the custor. I call this approh a Business Service Approh or BSA. The key problem is that in the sense of consolidation ERP, ECM, CRM, and BPM products are legy systems and have to be considered as expendable. Integrating on any level lower than the user interfe and custor service will e bk to haunt the IT organization once again. Yes Blackhawks Tony Esposito Jersey , I know that IBM and others talk about integrating on a business process level, but that it still not enough and a huge problem if it involves any Java coding at all. Yes, SOA as a concept is good, but it is nowhere near enough. Calling so other approh with business process SOA is just adding to the confusion. Several vendors now support business process and application integration with a single product set, just business intelligence vendors fail to understand that business data only make sense to anyone from a business process perspective. A business service approh has to provide users - andor custors via the web - with a personalized interfe to custor focused business services using data Blackhawks ED Belfour Jersey , content, business processes, and bkend applications. At this point the user interfe also has to support collaboration via email and other ans. Setting up a portal without taking integration to that level will only highlight the lk of integration and reduce the possible benefits and thus the return of investnt. It is at this point where the most agility in terms of solution

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