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16 февраля 2022 г. 10:15

The correct little techniques yo...

Hair removal is easy at home!

Summer is here again, before you put on your bikini, don't forget to remove the excess hair completely is beautiful, otherwise "hair" but will be your summer love scare away, in addition to fast and effective lightning hair removal, how to use a simple And is there an economical way to achieve excellent and effective hair removal? Today, COSMO Angel will introduce 3 kinds of hair removal methods that you can do at home, and teach you the dermes hairless tips that you must know before and after hair removal, Hurry up and study hard.

precautions before hair removal:

Don't think that hair removal is to directly hold the hair removal knife and shave when you see the hair. This will not only not completely remove the hair, but also damage your skin and cause injury. Therefore, before hair removal, COSMO Angel will remind you of the following points :

1. Avoid using acid-containing skin care products on the skin one week before hair removal

In addition to the fact that hair is an dermes hairless stimulus to the skin itself, coupled with acidic care products, the skin may be damaged, become dry and brittle, and may lead to inflammation of the hair follicles

2. Choose your hair removal time carefully

Don't think about hair removal and it depends on the time! Generally speaking, it is better to remove hair at night than during the day, because the skin is prone to puffiness during the day, and it is also stimulated by the outside air and ultraviolet rays. At night, the skin automatically enters a repair phase. Hair removal at this time can give the skin enough time to rest and avoid puffiness.

3. Remember to wet your hair with water before removing it

It is recommended to remove the hair to cleanse the body after a dermes medilase at night, as this is when the muscles are in a dry state, the cuticles of the muscles increase in the water and the pores open. Reduces muscle damage from hair removal

4. Trim hair length to 0.5 cm

In addition to the need to trim the hair of the hands and feet, the hair of the armpit and bikini line should be trimmed to about 0.5 cm before hair removal, so as to prevent excessive pulling and skin injury during hair removal, but remember to also Don't trim too short to get rid of it.

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