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4 января  2022 г. 12:48

Share 3 rules for choosing high-...

1. Natural extraction sources are better than chemical synthesis

The iron extracted from natural plants is easy to absorb and has no burden for the human body. In addition, it is also recommended to select brands with patented high-quality iron materials to add, which can provide more social protection for the safety and efficacy of edible products and the reliability of the module. !

Note. At present, there are patents recognized in the world, e.g. FERROCHEL® Ferrous Glycinate and LIpOFER® Microencapsulated Iron, which are the brands of high-quality iron raw materials that are 滋補調理 and used by many experts.

2. Add and multiply with the compound effect.

Health food supplemented by a single formula is relatively ineffective for busy modern people, and the combination of compound formula and main formula can complement each other.

In terms of iron, common combinations include vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C... etc. Vitamin B complex helps to increase metabolism and relatively helps the absorption and use of iron; folic acid is a source of red blood and is irrelevant. The lack of important components can be said to be complementary to iron; vitamin C can increase the absorption rate of plant iron (non-blood iron) by 3 – 4 times, which is a good partnership~

3. The choice of dosage form is also very important

Anyone familiar with Jamie’s article knows that I often say that making lozenges requires a lot of artificial compounds, and lozenges are the cheapest dietary supplement.

Based on the above viewpoints, a good "iron supplement health functional food/iron supplement/iron ingot" should meet the following conditions:

"The main raw material extracted from natural plants" is a better choice

Choice of dosage form is better than lozenge

Iron is more effective in combination with compound (e.g. vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C)

It is more secure to choose brands that use patented raw materials

Must have SGS three major inspections (plasticizers, western medicines, heavy metals)

SGS inspection is clearly presented, not ambiguous, unchanged forever or forged inspection report

professional development and design team (nutritionists, pharmacists, doctors), not unnamed brands

Choose the brand of the physical store, with scale, professional trust and consumer protection

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