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30 декабря 2021 г. 08:05

How to make a good kitchen inter...

Today provides the main points of kitchen interior decoration knowledge, in the case of interior decoration to make all the interior decoration well in order to be foolproof in the future application of the situation. How to put the kitchen interior decoration well? The following side of everyone to learn it!

A. Kitchen 廚房裝修 and walls

The kitchen occupies a large range of walls and pavement, and there is kitchen fumes and water vapor in the kitchen, the walls and pavement tiles need to be well thought out. The choice of wall tiles should be fully considered the light source of the problem of too bright and too dark kitchen are able to choose matte, light tone floor tiles, but also very good-looking. In addition to the road surface tiles to take into account the light source, but also need to pay attention to the ground anti-slip this very important issue, to choose non-slip tiles. There is also is the kitchen to take into account is good cleaning, so much water vapor kitchen fumes, not very good cleaning of the kitchen will certainly drive you crazy. I feel that you can consider antique tiles, which is a good choice, very easy to clean also ground non-slip, but the price is not cost-effective. The best choice in the kitchen is glazed tiles, hard and wear-resistant, very suitable for kitchen applications, and glazed tiles can also be made to imitate the actual effect of stone tiles, imitation wood parapets, beautiful and generous and good.

Second, the decoration of the ceiling

Kitchen decoration ceiling selection is also a must pay attention to the point, the kitchen decoration ceiling should take into account some of the goods containing the role of waterproof, such as waterproof plaster ceiling, one of its characteristics is waterproof, another major advantage is beautiful and generous. If you can accept the industrial style interior decoration, you can also choose the integrated buckle, the quality is very good, but it will appear seams.

Three, lighting fixtures

After talking about the decoration of the ceiling everyone again to say the lighting fixtures in the kitchen, I propose that people choose anti-fog lights, the route also need to do a good job of waterproof solutions to avoid short-circuit failure, the more serious is likely to cause a fire accident. Lighting fixtures in the kitchen is best a bear the kitchen lighting fixtures, a bear the actual operating area lighting fixtures. There is also a warm little proposal is to install led light strip design solution under the wall cabinets, that is not easy to have a dark shadow to find items.

Fourth, storage and 廚櫃收納

Whether your kitchen is large or small, you need to do a good job of storage and organization, a clean and tidy kitchen to have more cooking hobby and satisfaction. To rationalize the use of indoor space to kitchen appliances to find a proper storage and finishing of indoor space, such as cabinets, wall cabinets, etc., kitchen cabinets made of sliding door type application up more convenient, there will be no visual effects blind, wall cabinets box door proposal to choose light press open door, so that the girls at home apply up more convenient some. There are also, cabinets and so on or it is best not to choose wooden furniture, because the kitchen water vapor many, long past wooden furniture will undoubtedly crack deformation, if the family has long chosen the wood cabinets, etc., to pay attention to ventilation.

Five, kitchen fumes

The most disliked in the kitchen is the kitchen fumes, so the big guys in the kitchen are going to install hoods, the relative height of the hoods to be based on the size of the user to decide, and the relative height of the hoods and stove in the middle can not exceed 60 centimeters, it is proposed that the big guys hoods and cabinets installed at the same time.

Six, the power outlet

The kitchen must use power outlets in the area or quite a lot, to leave a moderate part of the installation of power outlets, the total number of outlets can not be too much nor less, what refrigerators, rice cookers, electric kettles, etc. need to give full consideration to fire safety and high temperature resistance and other safety hazards.

Seven, curtain cloth

The curtain cloth in the kitchen can not choose fabric curtains, fabric curtain cloth is very easy to stain, not very good to remove, it is proposed that you can choose aluminum profiles baking paint process surface coating of the blinds, good cleaning.

Eight, the total area of the kitchen

The range of the kitchen is very large feel very consumed, too small feel very congested, very depressing sense, the total area of 10 square meters up and down is quite good, but also need to do a good job of natural ventilation and light in the kitchen. If the total area of your home kitchen is large, you can layout the kitchen table and dining chairs and small bar, which can also be used as a restaurant application; if the total area is small, you need to do a good job of storage and finishing, every square meter needs to be very good use up.

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