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17 декабря 2021 г. 12:09

In-depth analysis of a bathroom ...

American Standard 馬桶 manager told me that in recent years, people have higher requirements for "housing quality", in which the "social attributes" of the family are declining and the bathroom is becoming more and more like an ordinary room, which also changes with the "stage of the owner's life".

In response to this change in demand, the U.S. standards classify bathroom space scenes into four categories, including: comfort enhancement (a family of three), pregnancy and new life, refinement (living alone) and elderly health care these four categories.

We also provide more personalized product solutions for the different characteristics of these four groups of people. American Standard 馬桶 Let's take a look at the usage preferences of these four groups:

Comfort upgrade represents a family of three, with an additional baby in the family, which requires clean, healthy and safe baby care products. For this group, the American Standards Association recommends smart toilets equipped with cleaning technology and siaa antibacterial technology, a one-time solution to toilet anti-pollution, anti-pollution and anti-bacterial triple cleaning at the same time, the full effect of avoiding infection.

Pregnant new families need to take better care of the mother-to-be. This time, American Standard 馬桶 the intelligent toilet seat is equipped with the above-mentioned antibacterial technology, it is best to have intelligent dual nozzles to separate the rump wash from the woman's wash, to give the mother-to-be attentive care and attention to their health and cleanliness safety issues;

The country of refinement is represented by the renters. This is also the way of living and learning that young people in our country's current urban development will choose. American Standard suggests that we should pay attention to the function of storage system for small living rooms, and design a large drawer to meet the multiple storage needs of society.

As the name implies, the product should conform to the usage behavior of the elderly in China in terms of function, so that the elderly can use it more conveniently and with peace of mind. American Standard has a variety of social safety and grab bars and shower stools for the elderly to make their daily life safer and more convenient when they need to go to the toilet or shower.

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