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14 декабря 2021 г. 06:47

Spend 30 minutes a day doing blo...

In the process of lowering blood lipids, in addition to controlling your diet, the most important thing is whether you have a stable and regular exercise habit in your daily life. Regular exercise can help accelerate blood circulation, increase metabolism, and excrete old waste materials in the body together, so that excessive blood lipids in the blood can be effectively transported to the liver for catabolism. After lowering blood lipids, it can reduce cardiovascular disease. risks of.

In addition, proper aerobic training is the best way to lower blood lipids. Long-term, rhythmic, medium and low-intensity aerobic training is a kind of muscle isotonic contraction to help the 血脂肪天然成分 of blood vessels. In this process, the transfer of oxygen will cause more triglycerides in the blood vessels and shut down the metabolism of low-density cholesterol. . Below are the outlines of four hypolipidemic exercises:

Lipid-lowering exercise 1: Jogging

As someone who just wants to develop exercise habits, jogging is a perfect aerobic exercise. You don't need to go to the gym or any equipment. You can go on the road at your favorite pace as long as you want. A Danish study shows that long-term jogging can reduce mortality and extend life span by 5-6 years. Because jogging is a muscular endurance exercise, it can increase the activity of lipoprotein lipase, promote the oxidative decomposition of blood lipids, reduce blood lipids, and protect cardiovascular goals.

Lipid-lowering exercise 2: swimming

Swimming is also the most popular part of aerobic training, and swimming is the most suitable aerobic training to participate in together. people with hyperlipidemia usually also suffer from the problem of overweight. If you start running violently at this time, you may be overwhelmed by the knee joints. Therefore, if you have such doubts, you can start with swimming, a blood lipid-lowering exercise. Get started.

Lipid-lowering Exercise 3: Yoga Stretching

In addition to being a very good exercise for lowering blood lipids, yoga is also a way to relax the body, mind, and soul. Although yoga is not as intense as some other aerobic exercises in China, and there are often doubts about insufficient intensity, the process of yoga stretching is that It stretches the muscles and collaterals, makes the blood flow unblocked, and is a way of exercising the current results of exercise into life. If you don't want to engage in too intense exercise at the beginning, it is also a good choice to start with yoga stretching. After all, it is better to move than not to move!

Lipid-lowering exercise 4: riding a bicycle

Cycling can be used as a blood lipid-lowering exercise, as well as a means of transportation for people to go to work and commute. If you really can’t spare time for exercise, then try to use bicycles instead of commuting transportation! Cycling as a gentle aerobic exercise is more popular because of the comfort of riding in the wind. The purpose of blood lipids.

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