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23 августа 2021 г. 12:16

4 ways to lose unnecessary fat a...

Don't refer to dieting as a way to lose weight, it is also an unreasonable way to lose weight. Dieting to lose weight is detrimental to the physical and mental health, and will continue to make you thin, repair the diet with the body shape will be successful in losing weight.


4 ways to lose unnecessary fat, so you really become thin!

1, decreasing intake of staple foods, eat more vegetables to improve satiety

Carbohydrates are chemicals that the body cannot lack and can give the body a metabolic drive. However, too much carbohydrate chemical intake will make the carbohydrate converted into fat accumulation.


Therefore, many people want to lose weight during the weight loss period according to a low-carbon diet to achieve the purpose of weight loss, but do not eat staples will make the body lack of kinetic energy and metabolic drive is not enough, low blood sugar, drowsiness and other problems, the body's immune system was destroyed, repair staples after the body shape will also lose weight successfully.


The proper way to lose weight is to moderately reduce the intake of carbohydrate staple foods, but not to completely avoid them. You can reduce the intake of staple foods, and at the same time choose the right staple foods, do not have to consume too much meticulous staple foods.

In particular, avoid a variety of unhealthy carbohydrates, their digestion and absorption is fast, poor satiety, and very easy to cause fat, is not conducive to weight loss, such as a variety of cookies, birthday cakes, popcorn corn type of unhealthy carbohydrates, we want to avoid.

And white rice, fresh pasta type of meticulous carbohydrates can be moderately less, with a portion of the meticulous staple food substituted with mixed grains coarse grains, that can ease the glycemic index, increase satiety, suppress fat deposition.

2, choose the right cooking method, food calories will be reduced in parallel, and then manipulate the calorie intake

Different cooking methods, food calories are different. 100g boiled chicken breast calories is 130 calories, while 100g chicken fillet calories is 220 calories. The same is made of potatoes, the heat of potato chips parallel line soared, 100g of potato chips calories to do 500 calories, while 100g of steamed potatoes calories only 80 calories up and down.

To manipulate the calorie intake, we need to reduce the production and processing of ingredients to maintain a low salt and oil light processing method, in order to prevent the ingredients digestion and absorption of a variety of fat, condiments calories, resulting in a spike in calories.

3, choose their own interest in sports and exercise to enhance the body theme activity metabolism

Weight loss in addition to the manipulation of good diet with, must also persistently strengthen exercise to enhance the body's metabolic value, to promote the dissolution of fat. Many big fat people will resist fitness exercise, think fitness exercise is too fatiguing, will make the body sweat a lot, the heartbeat accelerated.

However, the benefits of sports fitness exercise is very much, the whole process of fitness exercise forging can improve physical quality physical strength, resist the rate of aging, maintain a slim body shape.

You can gradually from their own interest in fitness sports, such as square dancing, dancing, swimming, playing basketball and other fitness sports, slowly shape their own fitness sports preferences, persevere for a period of time you can also feel the benefits of fitness, and gradually have the drive to forging.

4, drink more water can promote the blood circulation system, enhance the rate of fat metabolism

Weight loss people to drink water, not until very thirsty and then hydrate. Drink more water to fill the body water, to promote the body's circulatory system to run, to promote fat metabolism, but also to suppress the occurrence of the feeling of hunger, to help you manipulate the amount of meals. People who drink 8-10 cups of water daily lose weight at a faster rate than those who drink 3 or 4 cups of water daily!

If you do not want to gain weight, you must usually quit drinking, especially milk tea stores, Coca-Cola type of high sugar drinks, not only will make you gain weight, will continue to accelerate the body brittle.

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