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8 декабря 2018 г. 05:25, г. Авадхара, Грузия Смотреть на карте

Optical Fiber Communication Network Closed Significant Effect

Fiber Closure is a passive device and does not provide active transmission. As competition in the telecommunications market intensifies, carriers are strengthening their fiber optic cable networks and cable distribution boxes. Under existing circumstances, even if the network is good, there is no user. If the network is good, you need to provide a simple access point to the user. However, not every location provides an adequate indoor environment installation. ODF, the use of outdoor fiber closure is an unavoidable option. Fiber closures are disadvantageous in material properties, fusion fiber dispersion integration structure, fusion fiber distribution disks for various types of core structures, but for the next several years large-scale construction of fiber optical cable access networks, connector replacement products are still widely As it is in use, the forecast of the market for fiber closures will be good.

Due to material performance problems, domestic counterfeit products have significant differences in condensing performance and impact resistance of waterproof gas when KRONE is introduced in Germany. Furthermore, due to poor anti-aging properties of the sealing strip, it is excellent in waterproofing and dustproofing. Performance is also average. Of course, if the external environment of fiber closure is good, it is acceptable to reduce performance requirements and reduce investment. The capability of fiber closure refers to the number of cores that can be the largest end of fiber closure.

The size of the volume is proportional to the capacity of the box, the overall cost, and the difficulty of construction and maintenance, so it should not be too large. High quality outdoor boxes are high in strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation effect, can alleviate temperature change inside and outside the box, effectively prevent dew condensation due to sudden weather changes. This reduces the occurrence of condensation phenomena, effectively ensures the working environment of the optical device in the cable distribution box, and at the same time selects optical devices with environmentally-friendly variations and well-designed disc fibers and jump circuits Occurred due to environmental change. The optical device adds additional attenuation and fiber microbend generation.

Click here for more information on Fiber Optic Splice Closure .

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