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4 сентября 2020 г. 11:51

Features of Dehydration Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

Yuneng has a specialized team of engineers that fabricate a wide range of hydraulic oil filtration unit. These hydraulic oil filtration units help in the oil purifier & chemicals by removing dust & sediments from it. This entire unit is fabricated in accordance with the international standards of quality.


Yuneng used a simple and very effective method to purify hydraulic oil, the pump circulated oil from machine tank through a suction filter designed to increase the life of the pump. Then the number of Micronics fine filters are used in series start from coarser to finer to Safeguard the finest filter which is economically viable.


The final filtration comes in the vicinity of 5 or 3-micron removal efficiency. The filtration system in the way changes the properties of the oil.


In its static form, it can be permanently connected to large fluid reservoirs where machines are in constant use. 


Features of Dehydration Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine:

Absorbs water content

Reduces component wear

Extends life of in-line filters

Can also be used as a transfer unit

Trolley-mounted unit-easy to move

End to the need to change hydraulic fluids

All properties of oil being cleaned are maintained

The filter cartridge can be changed within minimum time

Removes contaminant particles down to less than 5 micron

Reduces the incidence of sticking & worn value components

No machine downtime as oil is cleaned continuously while the machine is in operation


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