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30 июля 2020 г. 10:31

Yuneng's transformer oil filtration systems

Yuneng's transformer oil filtration systems are designed to thoroughly degas, dehydrate and remove fine carbon fines and quickly restore the dielectric strength of transformer oil and insulating oil in load tap changers, switchgear and oil-filled circuit breakers.


They are available in a variety of configurations and process flow rates from 5 GPM to 50 GPM.


System Features

The heart of each transformer oil filtration system is a powerful oil purifier that uses heat in combination with a deep vacuum to rapidly remove dissolved combustible gases and moisture to less than 10 PPM. The system also includes multiple stages of Absolute rated particulate filters for the removal of carbon fines. Common options include Fullers Earth Treatment vessels for acid reduction, oil processing and storage tanks, clean dry compressed air systems and oxidation inhibitor induction systems.


Most of these Mobile Oil Purification Systems include powerful vacuum pumps and root blowers with auxiliary connection points that allow for easy connection to transformers in order to apply deep vacuum during maintenance, dry out, leak detection or commissioning of new units. We offer a full line of vacuum pumps and accessories as key components in the systems we build.


We build these systems in custom heavy-duty trailers or 4 X 4 box trucks with custom options to meet your specific needs. We specialize in delivering powerful systems in compact and highly portable platforms for use in substations, power plants, wind farms and switchgear yards.


Please inquire and let us help select the features that best meet your requirements. We offer rugged designs and options to meet nearly any application.

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