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8 октября 2016 г. 06:14

Not everyone has the need to a dangerous

I do not disagree with people not happy about what it looks like a change of direction compared to what it was promised, and I do not disagree either with your list of subpar elements and feel of trying to do too many things and not getting anything at a really good level and taking some of the dangerous feeling away, but they are likely had to make some difficult choices as the project has grown. I love hardcore elements in game, I would enjoy to have this game full loot everywhere even in towns or virtually endless grind to cap, even if I have nearly no time to play, yet we need to be aware that the market that bring companies forward is not us. I even suggested to create specific permadeath ultra high end zones last year with extremely rare findings to give a touch of craziness, which was obviously too much for this game to take, risk 100s hours for a life death situation to get valuable worth millions if not billions silver.


Not everyone has the need to a dangerous world to live in best albion online silver store, to be on the edge of losing what gained and so forth, mass market want fun but at the same time certain comfort, that's why themepark have millions of users, while full loot pvp games are a really niche market that can hardly bring even a small company forward, and those players who would flock to it are just not enough. SI is fighting on two fronts, first to balance a decent experience between danger and comfort seekers, the other one is to balance limited resources and objectives to deliver, not an easy task, not at all. While there might be talented people in the group, I do not feel as a group they are delivering effectively.


In my opinion this game with the right changes would be a great candidate as a full mobile title and it should have been advertised so, which would feel like overperforming compared to the offering in the mmo genre, while it's likely going to underperform to the way higher expectations of the desktop crowd to Buy Albion Online Silver. The matter here then becomes financial, as if they would advertise so, they wouldn't get away with the high purchase price and premium, which happened with the desktop oriented marketing because people expect more and are willing to pay more. Unfortunately for indie developers, they get their products compared to high end triple a titles which is not fair, the public hasn't got a critical eye to understand well what a certain team can do and set the right expectations. I'm not surprised of their direction or delivering performance. There are good chances that they are going to deliver a pretty decent product and might grow well with time after release, but this is not going to be the huge long term success, but more of the usual product lifecycle with the mobile likely to help a bit with the longevity of the playerbase


I consider this a dying market, not something I could count on for the next 5-10 years business. VR is the next big thing where we are going to the next billion dollar project in revenue like WoW, EvE and others have been in this gaming era.

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